7 thoughts on “Euro BNP – Marlene Guest turns up!

  1. Hullabalooloo, don’t bring Lulu she’ll come by herself…
    A forecast…Marlene will be the most irrelevant candidate in the elections. An egomaniac who can’t even comply with her own party’s advice to not stand against a competitive UKIP candidate.
    An ego of such proportions is a rarity outside of the mental health system.


  2. Will Ewart your comments regarding an egomaniac could apply to Asbo! At least by not standing for the council she is giving UKIP a better chance of ousting Rotherham West’s very own egomaniac!


  3. I didnt know “BURQA” is offensjve ad threatening to the people.
    I ask all the community do you find Burqa offensive and threatening to the british society?
    What part is it threatening and offensive can anyone answer that question.
    Never heard such rubbish from BNP.


    • Let the people of Britain decide that through a legally binding referendum about the legality of a Niqab. It has been banned in many European countries. I have no issue with people wearing head scarfs, but face to face communication is important. People have to remove hoods and helmets when going into public buildings, nobody should be above British law. An individual has the right to refuse to communicate with somebody who refuses to show their face.


  4. “British jobs for British workers”. Not that old gag again.
    The idea there are things called “British jobs” that should go to British workers is illegal. Under the various treaties of the European Union, there is supposed to be free movement of labour within the EU: so “British jobs for European workers” is about as far as the BNP is legally able to go.
    (Ask Gordon Brown)


    • Colin when did I ever vote to give away powers to the European Union, the whole entity is an illegal scam anyway. Cheers Tim


  5. Didn’t even notice it was the ever so lovely Marleen on the leaflet – it went straight in the recycling bag. Which, if truth be told, is where most of their policies come from – a recycling of the nationalist, extreme right agenda.


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