Manual corrections needed – can’t Labour get anything right?

Grateful to receive this little card, being put through letterboxes currently, in Anston and Woodsetts Ward.

This is remarkable for the necessary manual corrections, no wonder Rotherham Labour can’t run the Town properly?

Jo Burton 1Jo Burton 2


6 thoughts on “Manual corrections needed – can’t Labour get anything right?

  1. This leaflet is typical of the discredited Labour party, using out of date material which mirrors their out of date mindsets. For a political party struggling in the polls you would think finding £300/£400 to print new leaflets would be a priority.
    The three culprits shown above are making the same mistake their party made in Rawmarsh ie:
    “We’re the Labour party. Give us your vote and don’t ask questions”
    A trio of amateurish clowns.


  2. Whilst out canvassing today managed to find a Dinnington Labour party leaflet for Dinnington, can’t reproduce it here because it is covered in mud; it was thrown on the floor. It has the same kind of photograph that Burton has on her’s, bags of rubbish and only Falvey in sight as if she did it all on her own. It would seem that Labour has a fascination for rubbish, no surprise there I suppose. It actually says very little just the usual dribble about working hard, as if she knew what that meant. It is an A4 sheet and the whole of the back is taken up by attacking UKIP for the European elections. What is interesting is that also on the back it has a comments form to fill in the survey is for surveymonkey, I think this just about says it all. I just hope people won’t fall for the UKIP con in the local elections. We in Dinnington have one who puts no leaflets out or gets out and meets people. They are just names on the ballot paper no one knows what they will do locally, they rely on people seeing UKIP on the euro ballot and so they will also vote UKIP on the local one. It is an insult to the electorate and should be seen as such.
    Dave Smith


    • It’s my understanding that the Labour Party have ‘flown’ in a ‘professional’ to produce Election material for the Borough elections. Hope they haven’t paid them too much because they are producing rubbish!!
      I object to seeing National policies on Local leaflets. These guru’s must think we are pretty dim if they think we don’t know the difference between local & national issues. Plus the fact that Borough councillors can’t implement ANY of the policies on the leaflet.
      Everyone knows if you can’t read an election leaflet between the door and the rubbish bin – it won’t get read at all.
      One more sign that the national posh boys labour party has no regard for either their own local members or the electorate!!


    • Dave The UKIP candidate in Dinnington seems to be a paper candidate. I think he lives in Anston. You have to be careful that you don’t go the same way as the Labour party and keep bringing up UKIP. What happens when I say “Don’t think about pink elephants?” Focus on what you can bring to Dinnington Dave. The UKIP candidate has been out delivering in Anston, he has to be better than the incumbent Jo Burton. Cheers Tim


  3. Sandra has been trying to get a Christmas tree in Anston for the last 6 years, she will even fund it through the local TARA group. I requested after the last Christmas, the next Christmas nothing happened. It is a very simple thing of connecting up to a street light, with a little bit of metal trunking, it will cost pennies to run. Jo Burton and company can’t even organise a simple thing like this for the village. While small hamlets have a nice lit up Christmas tree. One thing we have found from being part of RMBC they are good at exporting urban decay.


  4. Has anyone else noticed Dalton is using the same email address as Burton on this leaflet?
    I’ve heard of cost cutting but this is beyond a joke.
    The Labour party in Anston is in meltdown, Burton is struggling and Dalton is trying to be in two places at once delivering Labour party leaflets in several areas of the Borough instead of supporting her buddy Burton in Anston.
    Akhtar has given up on Burton and Dalton is not supporting her.
    I wonder if the message to Burton is getting through to her?


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