Darren Hughes an unconvincing Labour man

A source who ticked the ‘no publicity box’ has supplied this reminder of the start of Darren’s political journey.

This leaflet was distributed in Darren’s election battle for the Anston & Woodsetts Ward in 2008. This victory, was followed by his conversion to thee socialist cause and his defection to Labour! Needless to say he dismayed his supporters in the Conservative Party and the loss of this seat in 2012 to an Independent was the result!

Rothpol’s source, offered the observation that Darren should have gone to UKIP? Maybe that will be his next move, after the results of this years elections become clear?

Con Darren 2008


7 thoughts on “Darren Hughes an unconvincing Labour man

  1. Proper controls on immigration!
    Tut, Tut.
    Now that won’t go down at all well with our profiteering Landlord Labour Cllrs Akhtar and Ali.
    Vote Labour get a Tory.


  2. I never voted for Darren Hughes as a Tory, I didn’t trust him. I would be even less likely to vote for him as a Labour person. I warned people not to trust this guy.


    • I stopped voting Tory in the early 1990′s, as I thought even Thatcher was soft on Europe. But I do believe in a minimum wage of £10 a hour, I just don’t think the state should support peoples life styles.


    • To repeat myself: You did’nt throw that accusation at millionaire Shaun Woodward when he defected to the Labour party. His money and influence were useful to Warmonger Blair.


    • The best thing he did was to join Labour. It completely was a stupid move on his part and whatever people say about him in many ways he has contributed to people understanding better the ‘trough mentality’ in Rotherham Labour.


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