Dave Smith on the battle for Dinnington

“Labour must be running scared in Dinnington, three different leaflets and a personal letter to all postal voters.

It would seem that they feel the necessity to put out a hastily produced leaflet to counter mine.

Jacquie Falvey reckons she has worked tirelessly to get the RIGHT decision for DINNINGTON’S CHILDREN’S CENTRE, her emphasis. It’s proposed to stay open, I propose to go out tonight with my wife and drink twenty pints of beer, then again my proposal may fail.

This has to be one of the worst cases of of trying to mislead the public I have seen in a long time.

She is making out as if it is a done deal, she doesn’t say that no decision will be made till after the election; it could still close.

She goes on to talk about our local care home, Davies Court, ” through the budget process I have HELPED to keep DAVIES COURT under local authority ownership”. Not a bad spin to put on sacking half the work force.

We then have a double A4 sheet folded into a booklet with the centre spread all about living wage, bedroom tax, cost of living and UKIP. It also has a picture of Labour candidates for the European elections, at the front of the group the turncoat Tory himself our very own Darren Hughes.

These three leaflets are full of misleading information deliberately designed to con the electorate, what does our local UKIP candidate have to say about all this?

If elected I will ask our councillors to please give back some of the money we pay them, and oh I will stop immigration.”

Dave Smith
Independent Candidate Dinnington Ward

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19 thoughts on “Dave Smith on the battle for Dinnington

  1. Mr Smith
    Please advise as to how you can keep your promise “I will stop immigration” if you are elected.

    Can you also tell me which school in Rotherham is to be made a Grammar School by UKIP, as promised in your manifesto?

    Thank you.


  2. I think some one needs to understand I am not the UKIP candidate Janet, a certain Mr Finnie is; who seems to think he will endear himself to the local electorate by saying he is a member of our snooker club. Anything else to do with our area seems to pass him by. I would also like to know the answer to Janet’s two questions, but alas I fear Mr Finnie will be too busy playing snooker to even contemplate these taxing dilemmas. Perhaps it might help you Janet if you view my leaflet that was kindly reviewed on here, By now I am probably once again on councillor Akhtar’s blog.
    Dave Smith the independent candidate for Dinnington


  3. Mr. Smith you are so right, the centre’s are still at risk.
    The spin put on the consultation process is just waffle to appease the plebs, do not fall for it; the aim is to secure as many votes for Labour as they can.
    Come on UNISON what on earth are you doing, towing the Labour party line on this one?


  4. Well, thank you for that clarification. However, i must say that, having re-read your posting, it appears even more like a stream of semi-consciousness produced through an alcoholic haze. Perhaps UKIP were talking about you when they referred to the need for a Grammar School?
    Of course, I’d like my questions about immigration and grammar school answering.

    However, Mr Smith, I’ve now read your leaflet.
    (1) You tell me you are going to “defend jobs and services”. Is this all of them? Even the quickest perusal of the Council’s finances confirms that it cannot finance next year what it is doing now. So, how do you square this circle?
    (2) You say you are going to defend the Green Belt. However, Mr Pickles has now taken the powers to determine which green belt and/or greenfield sites are going to be developed. so, how are you going to achieve that promise?


  5. If you read the leaflet you will see that it is better to say no to the government cuts and fight them instead of being their poodles and stabbing the people of Rotherham in the back. Sacking over a thousand workers, closing down vital services whilst pocketing thousands of pounds of our money; this seems to me to be the hight of hypocrisy. But that is what these Labour councillors are doing, whilst pleading they have no choice. I would also point out I never write anything through a drunken haze, I would also say I had the chance to attend a Grammar school when I was a child. Being good socialists my parents were against them, so I went to a secondary modern school, I got my degree and Masters after working for twenty two years underground. Perhaps if you want an answer to your questions you should ask UKIP directly.
    Dave Smith


  6. “……….. say no to the government and fight them……”
    So, is this
    (a) 1980s Militant “Don’t set a budget” model………..which, if I remember, didn’t finish very well.., or
    (b) a big increase in council tax?
    However superficially populist it might be, cutting all councillors’ allowances won’t go very far towards bridging the financial gap………. a couple of days maybe……… but what happens then?


    • Janet. I am a UKIP supporter, but why attack Dave Smith, who really puts some effort in in Dinnington. As far as I am concerned the UKIP guy who is representing Dinnington, isn’t putting any effort in. An attack on Dave’s academical ability is a little low. What is your agenda? Cheers Tim


  7. Janet it may be you who needs educating not me because you seem incapable of reading my leaflet without coming back with some lame criticism. This seems like a Labour apologist to me when faced with some one with a different agenda that they have no logical repost to you have to be a militant or a raving loony, or according to Janet Green, drunk. Thanks Tim.
    Dave smith


  8. I am impelled to reply here because I honestly believe Janet is asking reasonable questions here and is being attacked for it. She might have been wrong to ask an ‘independent’ Candidate about a UKIP policy but her question s on Mr Smith’s claim of stopping immigration and how he will simply say no to government cuts are legitimate. Instead of giving clear answers to this Mr Smith and ‘independent’ Anston are trying to bully her down. Because she dares to ask further of Mr Smith’s claims she is automatically accused of being a Labour apologist. Mr Smith needs to have a long look in the mirror.


    • Sorry – I didn’t have chance to post again before my 2 weeks abroad in lovely hot sunshine, internet free. I was clearly at fault for mis-interpreting Dave Smith’s first contribution and thought I had made that clear. However, I noted on my return that DS had been unsuccessful in the election. Perhaps this was because he communicates confusingly and he failed to answer my questions about his own policies. It still isn’t too late. A smeared response is no substitute for clarity in intended policy and practice.

      However, UKIP candidates have also failed to answer the other question. Nigel Farage in today’s Mail on Sunday has confirmed that ‘a grammar school in every town’ is UKIP’s policy. So, can we be told which school this is to be?

      Thank you.


      • Janet, Ms Green,
        Farage actually said that grammar school stuff this morning on the Andrew Marr show on BBC1; and if you look closely at the Mail’s website you will see a picture of him with Andrew Marr and one of him in the street going to the studio. (The Mail never tells the full story, just the bit they want you to hear).
        I can’t imagine that UKIP have identified a school in each and every town that they will turn into a grammar school – they don’t have the skills, the knowledge or the time.
        But I’m honestly curious as to why you would need to know which school is going to be grammar’ed in this town?
        I would have thought the chances of it happening are zero, the world has moved on, and, as the product of a grammar school myself (in the 1950′s) I really don’t want that far-gone-world back.
        To add to that; my son spent his post-11 years in a town (KIngston, Surrey) with a Grammar school – along with several other well known highly selective fee-paying schools nearby (particularly Hampton School, and Lady Eleanor Holles); but overall the best schools around were the Comprehensive in Teddington, and the Six Form College in Esher. Of course neither of those two fine state schools were in KIngston, where apart from the one (really excellent) Grammar, all the other state schools were rubbish and totally failed their kids.


      • Mr Regular Reader
        For the record, I also attended a grammar school. However, ladies never disclose the year(s)!
        Why might I be interested? Because the establishment of a ‘grammar school in every town’ would have a significant impact on every school in the town and I have an interest in my grandchildren’s education.
        Your suggestion that UKIP candidates, now councillors, ‘don’t have the skills, the knowledge or the time’ to identify which school will be determined as the grammar school is worrying.
        They’ve had plenty of time since the policy was announced years ago, and the UKIP leaflet which I received promised this.
        If they don’t have the skills or the knowledge, why did they stand for election? Certainly, my leaflet didn’t say “Vote for me, your UKIP candidate, even though I don’t have any knowledge or skills’!


      • Janet, Ms Green,
        You say ” … the establishment of a ‘grammar school in every town’ would have a significant impact on every school in the town… ”
        … but don’t say if you see that impact has being negative or positive.
        I am very clear in my own mind that it would have a totally negative impact.

        “… and I have an interest in my grandchildren’s education.”
        Don’t we all ? (My eldest grandchild is currently in the middle of her GCSEs).


      • Whether you or I think that the impact of a grammar school on the town would be negative or positive is, at this time, entirely irrelevant. The candidates have promised; the people have spoken. The world has moved on. I’m now interested in finding out which school UKIP has decided is to be the promised Grammar School.
        Shouldn’t we be told? Why the silence? Why won’t they tell us?


      • Ms Green,
        You are absolutely and totally wrong when you write “Whether you or I think that the impact of a grammar school on the town would be negative or positive is, at this time, entirely irrelevant. ”
        If I think that the re-introduction of grammar schools is bad for the kids of our country then I will do my very very best to make sure it doesn’t happen.
        Tim (a regular UKIP-supporting contributor here) wants UK to be more like Switzerland, well I seldom agree with Tim, but I do as far as the Swiss education system is concerned. It doesn’t change with changes with each national government, it isn’t overloaded with hierarchies of staff in every school, there is no use or need for fee-paying schools, it just works.

        Now you can have the last word…


  9. Children`s Centre Alert
    “worked tirelessly to get the right decision”. Lets put the record straight, Cllr Falvey Voted for the RMBC Budget, in that budget was a proposal to close the Children`s centre in Dinnington.
    Along comes some opposition (before her Election) and suddenly she is trying to tell us it will stay open. If the decision is to keep open the Dinington Centre, I can assure you its not because of her “working tirelessly”, Its because the people stood up and spoke against her actions . I am under no doubt she will claim it was all her own doing.
    Finally a last thought, The budget she voted for, has been passed. So if the Dinnington Centre is to remain open, which other Centre is to close??. There is no money for an extra Centre to be kept open. Me thinks wool and eyes comes to mind.
    Watch the tune change straight after the Election.


  10. Whoops.
    The Children`s Centre Alert post was mine, I forgot to post my name. I don`t want my opposition to think I am hiding my views behind “Anonymous”.


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