Rotherham’s broken democracy

“The rather over used and perhaps misunderstood word, that comes out of the mouths of politicians, is democracy.

The ‘will of the people’ is the simplest and most accurate way of putting it.

What happens to all politicians, is that they eventually believe themselves to be indispensable and their interests become the only focus of their attention whilst enriching  themselves and their family members, from public funds!

Then they develop such a sense of entitlement that they believe themselves as having a Council seat and a seat on the ‘gravy train’ for life!

Then, when challenged, and they feel vulnerable in the face of the voters, the temptation to try to ‘manage’ democracy in their favour, becomes irresistible!

Their are also those who are determined to stamp out these outrageous, and illegal practises that are rumoured to take place.

This year, democracy activists, are watching and waiting to gather evidence of Postal Vote fraud and all the other illegal tricks that go with it!

If you are thinking of breaking election law this year, my advice to you would be, don’t do it, you may well end up in an Elections Court!”

Rotherham Democracy Alert

Required reading for all democracy practitioners. Labour Party: Keep It Legal Briefing

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