The battle for Anston & Woodsetts – Another contribution from Bernard

A contribution to the fray in the battle for Anston and Woodsetts from the UKIP candidate Bernard Froggatt. This battle is becoming one of the most interesting in the Borough:

Bernard Froggatt 1

To read the election leaflets in full: Anston and Woodsetts


5 thoughts on “The battle for Anston & Woodsetts – Another contribution from Bernard

  1. Bernard and his team are hammering away in Anston, I have seen three leaflets delivered by Bernards team so far and the UKIP national. Things are evolving differently in Dinnington. I understand the UKIP candidate is working through the “Village club” and doing it through word of mouth. It will be interesting to see if the Dinnington campaign is as successful as Anston. The UKIP guys name in Dinnington is Finney, that is all I know. Can John Wilkinson expand on this?


  2. How lovely that Bernard wants to do so much for the area, when he has done so little, if anything, before. Will he be giving up on some of his business committments,or will he be like all the other UKIP candidates, take the money, but never show his face ,or take part, and in fact , do s… all. Why has never showed his face at any Community event or volunteered for anything at all. At least we see Jo around in the area,At least we see her at village events in Anston and Woodsetts. At least she deigns to speak to people. mmmmm Bernard, personally I think you’ve got a cheek.


  3. Mary.
    If you had done a bit more research before posting you would have discovered Bernard is a resident of Woodsetts. He revived the Woodsetts Summer Festival for starters..Ask the residents of Wooidsetts how they view his efforts on their behalf.
    He was selected as the UKIP candidate for Anston and Woodsetts only recently and because you do not understand how UKIP candidates finance their own campaigns,putting a team together, arranging leaflets printing and organising deliveries takes time and effort.
    Two leaflet drops to every home in Anston in less than 6 weeks is a damn sight more than the Labour party has managed to do.
    I will not divulge Bernard’s future business arrangements to you, suffice to say he has made sure his business does not and will not suffer if and when he is elected.

    “or will he be like all the other UKIP candidates, take the money, but never show his face ,or take part, and in fact , do s… all.”. Empty rhetoric.You did not post any evidence to support your rant. The voters of Rawmarsh hold Caven Vines in high regard.
    I don’t mind or care when Labour supporters post on here but I do mind when sloppy and ill informed contributors cannot be bothered to get certain facts right. It is not rocket science.
    Your contribution is not an opinion,(which is based on facts) it is a prejudice. ( An adverse judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge or examination of the facts)


  4. Mary
    Re Bernard Froggatt – Apart from the points made by Mr Tawn, you spectacularly fail to mention that Mr Froggatt has, through his business, provided work for people. A business that is based in Anston. Yes, this is also what Mr Froggatt has done for people – more than a little!


  5. Bernard, when the opposition and their supporters start bad mouthing you with unfounded hot air it normally means you are doing well and they are frightened of you. Looks like you may have them on the run.


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