The battle for Rother Vale – Labour Candidate surfaces

Richard Russell’s election material for Rother Vale Ward.

If candidates were made by Carlsberg this would probably be one of the poorest of this years cohort of duds:



6 thoughts on “The battle for Rother Vale – Labour Candidate surfaces

  1. This is the same Leaflet that Cllr Shaukat Ali has Distributed with the only difference being is the Front covers. The Back Full spread is the same and wonder how many more are the same.
    Cllr Shaukat Ali didn’t write a personal letter {Begging Letter] with his leaflet unlike Jo Burton.
    The Problem with the back Full page Spread stating about UKIP is smears. Not one alleged policy is based on fact. The UKIP manifesto doesn’t come out until September 2014. So SURPRISE SURPRISE the Labour party are lying again. This is scaremongering and giving false information to the electorate.


  2. Nothing new or fresh to entice the electorate to support the discredited Labour party.

    Labour are keeping quiet about their introduction of the ‘bedroom tax’ . They introduced a similar restriction on Housing Benefit for tenants of private landlords (they called it Local Housing Allowance) in 2008 but then it was acceptable to for the government to “to provide an incentive for those on Housing Benefit to find cheaper accommodation.” Does Labour think that those lucky enough to be in social housing shouldn’t have the same incentives?
    Under New Labour, the Treasury and Department of Health signed off PFI contracts, which lock the taxpayer into long-term debt. The chief executives of the trusts and PCTs were required to pass the affordability test set by the Treasury. In other words, they needed to show how the annual debt charge would be met from the operating budgets of hospitals and other services, ie the budget that normally pays for staff and supplies.
    Miliband was Energy Minister in a government with a powerful majority. He “persuaded” Parliament to impose energy taxes on the poorest.

    This leaflet is typical of the hypocritical and amateurish rubbish peddled by panicking Labour candidates.


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