7 thoughts on “Euro Elections – A minority Party?

  1. I have just heard that the EU want to privatise the NHS through the TTIP agreement with the US. This will means US business coming into the UK and exploiting our health care services like they do in America. Funny how the press are not mentioning this.


    • Tim, you have almost totally misunderstood/mis-heard.
      TTIP does not exist yet, it is still being negotiated. Try googling “TTIP NHS” and you will get a better picture. (There have already been some discussion about TTIP / NHS in this blog).

      There is a potential problem for the NHS – from the US Corporates under a trade agreement with the US – either an EU/US one or a bilateral one between UK and US (if we were to leave the EU); unless an exemption can be made .
      The real problem however lies in so-called investor-to-state dispute settlement (ISDS) agreements which can undermine regulations that protect the public good. Under an ISDS, a corporation can sue a government in private court for allegedly violating the conditions of a trade deal.
      The next round of TTIP negotiations begin 19 May (but ISDS is excluded).

      As an example of what can happen: Australia is being sued by Philip Morris (the cigarette company) under a trade agreement between Australia and Hong Kong over its plain packaging for fag packs law (via Philip Morris (Asia) Ltd.
      http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2064314/Philip-Morris-challenges-Australian-law-plain-tobacco-packaging.html (article from 2011 – but still ongoing).

      So the problem is not the EU it is the US and particularly its Corporates, and the EU does not “want to privatise the NHS”.


      • Since the Philip Morris/ Australia fag pack case began:
        In July, 2012, it was reported that the American lobbying organisation, American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), had launched a worldwide campaign against plain packaging of cigarettes. With the backing of tobacco companies and other corporate interests, it is targeting governments that are planning to introduce bans on cigarette branding, including the UK and Australia. Big tobacco was also reported to have provided legal advice and funding to the Ukraine and Honduras Governments to launch a complaint in the World Trade Organization (WTO) on the grounds that the Australian legislation is contrary to a WTO intellectual property agreement. WTO complaints must be made by Governments, not companies.
        By May 2013, Cuba, Ukraine, Honduras and the Dominican Republic challenged Australia’s rules through the WTO by filing requests for consultations, the first step in challenging Australia’s tobacco-labelling laws at the WTO A request for consultations opens a 60 day negotiation window after which a formal complaint may be filed, which if successful, might lead to heightened tariffs on Australian exports. The packaging of Cuban cigars is notably attractive if permitted.
        from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plain_cigarette_packaging#Opposition


  2. Regular reader. I realise it isn’t law yet, but it could happen by stealth and there is nothing the British people can do about it while in Europe. It is a little like the law to extradite terrorists to the USA, whereas it doesn’t apply the other way around. Remember the asberger sufferer who hacked into the USA defence computers, rather than making him into a criminal, the defence chiefs needed sacking. You may like this latest video I have done https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-F_Pa0pgSE I am going to finished the last 20 miles tomorrow. Cheers Tim


    • The Extradition Law you are referring to was nothing to do with the EU, more an example of the UK’s “special relationship” with the US – the one than brought us, Iraq and Afganistan, and nearly brought us Syria.
      I do remember Gary McKinnon – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_McKinnon (Being a bit PC, I’m not sure that one “suffers” from Asperger’s syndrome, more that one is on the Asperger’s spectrum, … but I know what you mean).
      See: http://london.usembassy.gov/gb176.html
      It is most unlikely that TTIP could be introduced by stealth, Germany in particular, along with France, view it very negatively. (For UK, as ever, the “special relationship” applies – remember how the ConDems decided against bringing in a plain-fag pack law in UK? I can’t imagine fag-fog Nigel’s lot doing it either ).
      Good vid! Really excellent transitions. I’ll comment fully on youtube later.


  3. Oi Tim. Are you not a UKIP supporter? Don’t UKIP support the privatization of the NHS? I think they do in which its a bit rich complaining about the TTIP when the party you so openly support want to do the exact same thing.


  4. Handy Andy. UKIP will bring back free eye and teeth checks. The NHS will be free at point of delivery and they will use private companies, where possible to deliver cheaper services. They will allow people to opt out of the NHS. By the way Blair started the privatisation of the NHS, through PFI and charitable status. Regular reader. I believe most of these labels to be false any way, aspergers is just autism with a different label. I believe nobody is born that way, it is a reaction to the environment they were born in.


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