A message from Maureen Vines

In addition to Sarah Kiran of Respect, UKIP’s Maureen Vines is also asking for votes this year, in the Rotherham West Ward:



10 thoughts on “A message from Maureen Vines

  1. The usual pedantic carping by RR, It’s what’s being said not the spelling and grammar that’s relevant! I’m not a member of UKIP but I challenge you to dispute what she says if you can. Every word on tax,debt and immigration is true as far as I can see.


  2. I am glad that malcontent added at the end of his supportive comment of UKIP -‘that the facts are true as far as I can see’. Yes they maybe so but what UKip are good at is identifying other partys’ way of running an economy on hock which resembles the way many live their own life styles. But what they never have on their leaflets or posters is what they would do. Its easy to gripe but the alternative taht they offer will take this country back to the free market ideals that Nigel Farage and his ilk support and believe in. Such as a flat rate of tax for rch and poor of 31p in the pound. Also the use of fear and open borders that they also make their main platform and blaming Europe for all our ills is also a ploy to reduce the gains that were brought about Labour of Welfare -Health & Safety at Work and other laws that were necessary due to the actual sexism and racism taht prevaiuled in our society. The candidate in Wickersly has claimed he wants to get rid of Political Corectness-and the result of such a policy- is the withdrawal of the Sex discrimination laws-the gae and Disability laws-the Health & Safety laws and The race relation laws. This party is as racist as they come -it is sexist and it wants to return to a free market of exploitation of the Commonwealth countries-and has the flavour and arogance of white superiority. So its not just the facts that matter -it’s the fact that they do not want to move with the times and want the old ways-where arogance-bullying and ignorance prevail, rather than aiming for a more harmonious world. They like most of the Far Right are the politics of Hate and Respect and Left parties are for the Politics of Hope.


  3. UKIP need to up their game if they are to win Rotherham West.
    Labour has taken the threat seriously and has acted accordingly, one big last push UKIP and you just might get in by a whisker, get out knock on more doors, more leaflets and get yourselves seen, Aldi is always a good spot!


  4. yes ukip need to focus on more local issue’s , doncaster gate hospital , herringthorpe playing fields , eastwood and ferham , …. grab the bull by the horns !


    • Good grief Ronnie! Are Doncaster Gate hospital and Herringthorpe playing fields really the issues that should be focused on? Yes, it’s a shame that Doncaster Gate is to be demolished but isn’t the closure of 13 children’s centres or the question of how the Council is going to balance its books over coming years a little more burning than the demolition of an empty old building?


      • Agree 100% Rob.
        The fiscal incompetence of Labour controlled RMBC is a shining example of what happens when ideology takes precedence over the interests and welfare of the people who are supposed to be represented by councillors who agree to the Nolan Principles.
        Councillors cannot assume they represent the interests of all their electors without consulting them.


  5. Whilst Doncaster Gate Hospital and Herringthorpe playing fields may have some importance to the townspeople,they are not paramount issues in Rotherham West. The influx of Roma and the overnight appearance of old beds, cookers and fridge freezers and bags of rubbish dumped in the streets is of more concern in the ward as is the responsibility of the Labour Leader and Councillors for this appalling situation that some of the residents now find themselves in!


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