Sarah Kiran takes Respect’s message to voters

Sarah Kiran, Respect Party Candidate Rotherham West Ward, who along with supporters is carrying Respect’s message to the voters. Anyone needing  a poster for Respect for display, just give Kiran a call:

ROTH Sarah 2-page-001ROTH Sarah Back New

To follow the full story of the battle for Rotherham West, click here.

11 thoughts on “Sarah Kiran takes Respect’s message to voters

  1. Wow…what an amazing and refreshing change for a candidate in Rotherham…under 50, educated. compassionate and a women…..
    Best of luck Sarah….


    • Sarah all the way.
      An excellant candidate for the respect party.
      Its a shame respect are not standing in my ward.
      You are a fresh air for the asain community.
      Stick to your words and principal PLEASE PLEASE DONT GET BOUGHT OUT BY ASBO JANGIR AKHTAR e.g being offered a job at Diversity Forum.
      We are all behind you.


  2. Akhtar alert!

    The Akhtar supported blog is hard at it giving Respect a good old knocking, the Respect candidates are in good company as the Akhtar supported blog also attacked Barron, Hoddinott and Ellis.
    Interesting that Akhtar was missing from the Labour campaigning picture in Wickersley, however a very nice picture of him with Shabs in Anston.


  3. Jahangir Akhtar must think everyone is as stupid and childish as himself? Can Akhtar be taken seriously when his attack blog just succeeds in making him and his Labour comrades look increasingly foolish and out of touch!
    No one should consider themselves above the Party, yet Akhtar does!
    No one should consider themselves above the Law, yet Akhtar does!
    Akhtar’s comeuppance in on it’s way, one way or another!


    • Jangir akhtar got cheek to make statements about the Respect party.
      1) his having an affair with Shabana Ahmed (Asian)
      2) He ran away with a married women (asain)
      3) REMA run by his family (Asian)
      4) assualted an innocent victim at a retaurant (Asian)


      • 5) Conviction for selling cigarettes to children
        6) Conviction for affray
        7) Provides jobs for children and other family members from the public purse
        8) To prove this, Tanveer has finally turned up again. complete with name change from Akhtar to Khan
        9) Is a parasite on his own community
        10) Drinks alcohol
        I could go on, but I will leave that up to others.


  4. Sahra Kiran is a brave girl standing up to this bully. If she can stand up to a man everyone fears in the community. The Community should stand up for her.
    She is fighting this battle with courage and a clean heart.
    Shame you are not in my ward….


    • Name change? Could it be Tanveer found out Jangir is not his real father?
      What goes around comes around.
      I bet he has his DNA done.


      • Could this be the end his betrayed his family and his son is that ashamed that his taken his changed his name on deed poll.
        I bet Shabana might consider her name to Shabana Akhtar.
        Small world


  5. If I may offer these.
    11) Tax dodging
    12) Bully. Like all bullies he uses others to do his dirty work.
    13) Disloyal to the Labour Party
    14) Harasser of opponents using third parties
    15) Blames others for his predicament, never taking personal responsibility. One of his most glaring failings that should rule him out as a Labour member.


    • Akhtar had stooped that low that his using his one year old grandson to point to a labour cardboard.
      Desperate to win are we?
      Please voters feel sorry for me am that desperate to win and no one will help me deliver leaflets that am using my grandson to deliver them.


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