The battle for Anston & Woodsetts – An observation

I note Anston has a Conservative candidate, Electors Beware. This is a paper candidate who lives in Rotherham, I expect she has never been to Anston, what will she do for Anston?

If electors want to rid themselves of the ineffectual Jo Burton, voting for the Conservative will only split the vote letting the puppet Burton back in.

As I see it UKIP is the only viable alternative for Anston & Woodsetts to loose the stranglehold Labour has on the Rotten Borough

Good Luck Anston & Woodsetts
With Regards
Elizabeth Montgomery

7 thoughts on “The battle for Anston & Woodsetts – An observation

  1. The Conservative candidate for Anston and Woodsetts has not posted any leaflets nor has she been seen anywhere in the area.
    You are quite right Elizabeth, UKIP is the only serious alternative to the Labour party in Anston and Woodsetts and voters must not be sidetracked by other parties candidates who pretend to make an effort to secure votes.
    Respect and the Lib-Dems will split the Labour vote in other area where Centre/Right parties cannot hope to win.
    There is a lot at stake if the people of Rotherham want to break the stranglehold of the Labour party.who’s behaviour has disgraced us all.


  2. I always look at the address of a candidate first. I then ensure they are not Green, Liberal, Labour and Conservative.


  3. I thought you couldn’t stand for any area, unless you were a resident or had a business there?


      • If that is the case, I think the law needs changing so that you live or work in the ward you are representing. I hate it when people are parachuted in from outside to represent a party and not the people who elect them.


  4. The main parties do this a lot. Paper candidates are fielded to give their supporters the opportunity of voting for their party even though there is no chance of them winning. I think it’s a fraud. If the candidate has no intention of representing the electorate then they shouldn’t be standing and don’t deserve your vote.


  5. The electoral system in this Country has far too many failings, particularly where it is possible for dishonest individuals to collect postal votes from their ethnic friends, neighbours and family, complete them and submit them for counting. All aided by the dishonest individuals in charge of the election process!


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