The battle for Rotherham East – Shaukat’s appeal to voters

The Labour Candidate for Rotherham East, Shaukat Ali, has been distributing this leaflet in support of his campaign for re-election.

Click on image for the full picture:



13 thoughts on “The battle for Rotherham East – Shaukat’s appeal to voters

  1. Surprised he’s got time to distribute leaflets, what with having to look after the 11 properties he owns and having to keep an eye on his Roma tenants.


  2. I live in Rotherham east and haven’t seen Shaukat about. The only Cllr that I have seen is Dobson delivering Local election leaflets on his own. The EU leaflets came in the post with the rest of the unsolicited mail crap.


    • Only smiles when he goes to the bank. Wouldn’t you with the rental income from 10 properties coming in , plus a steady income from the council. You can bet both him and Asbo are laughing at the mugs of this town that have allowed two Pakistani nonentities to enrich themselves!


      • Dont forget Mahroof Hussain his got few properties around Rotherham.
        Showkat got care home top of Gerrard Road Wellgate.
        Almost big as buckingham palace.
        And a director at Diversity Forum six figure sum salary.
        Laughing his way to bank.


  3. As he just obtained this Care Home, for if he has had it for some time it should be in his register of interest declared to the Council – and it aint!


    • He has had this for a long time?
      Probably transfered to his family members.
      Am sure if someone looked into this his name will apear.
      Remember not long ago as Jangir started declaring his properties


  4. Few more questions for Cllr Ali.

    Do you have an interest in a care home in Rotherham?
    When if at all did your interest in the care home start?
    Does RMBC refer individuals to the care home?
    Does RMBC make any contribution to the funding of the clients care packages?
    Have you declared a possible interest in the care home?
    Are any other Rotherham Cllr`s linked to the care home?


  5. i live in Rotherham East, i can say i’ve never seen Mr Ali, i have a feeling i might see him tomorrow for some reason. its voting day


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