The battle for Rotherham West – Sarah Kiran’s leaflet in full

Rothpol has been informed that Kiran is getting an unexpectedly good reception on the doorstep. Not surprising with this prospectus:

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To read all the election news for Rotherham West Ward, click here.

8 thoughts on “The battle for Rotherham West – Sarah Kiran’s leaflet in full

  1. Respect are getting very good at presenting their case. Much better than the tired old Akhtar approach of vote Labour because we’re Labour, vote me because I’m me.


  2. Agree in part with malcontent, but feel the issue is bigger.
    Once upon a time Labour could have written the same leaflet, with the same aspirations and ambitions as Respect. No more, You only have to attend a few of their meetings to see how tired they are, how cynical and fearful for their £12.5k sinecure. The local LP are faded and have lost political passion and direction. They are solely about the “fix.”
    Recently I was speaking to a couple of younger Kashmiri LP members, and they were clearly demoralised by their experiences. So much so that one even expressed jealousy of UKIP for the clear passion and commitment they generated at meetings and on the stump…..he wasn’t joking.
    Labour is incapable of asking itself, why are we getting the old time male biraderi leaders (Akhtar, Moofy and Shaukat). People who appear to be political chameleons, without ideals and dreams.
    These people who whisper to their political allies “this is how our community is, you can’t change it, you can’t educate it, and to try is racist”. To their own people they claim to be the power brokers and fixers “You can’t trust the kaffir, stick within the community, we’ll protect you.”
    When I see the young idealistic Respect women emerging as potential leaders I have no doubt who is offering hope & aspiration for young people, the free thinking and the women of their community….potentially any community.
    They may not win this time, but I am in no doubt that they are the future and Akhtar is the past. I am only ashamed that the intelligent, idealists and ambitious have to join Respect. But they are right…there is no future for them in today’s Labour….certainly not in Rotherham.


    • This has to be one of the best leaflets ever put through my door from any party through out my living life when it comes to election.
      Sarah certainly talks the talk and i am confident shel walk the walk.
      A candidate who cares for the community.
      She cares about the local issues.


  3. Kiran is a dam brave young lady, she has been threatened every day since this campaign started by the Labour Party thugs. But she has held her ground kept her chin up and marched forward. WELDONE KIRAN!! , I take my hat off to all those involved in getting the Respect Party this far in Rotherham.


    • Well done Kiran goes to show you can stand upto bullies.
      You have taken away the fear from the community.
      Lovin it lovin it
      Go Respect Go Respect


  4. I urge people in the Rotherham west to vote Kiran she is much better candidate.
    The party she represents is also much better them labour as it does not have Blair the lier, Blunkett , brown, heseltine, the agent of Zionist etc who have killed millions of Iraqi civilians


    • Akhtar had stooped that low that his using his one year old grandson to point to a labour cardboard.
      Desperate to win are we?
      Please voters feel sorry for me am that desperate to win and no one will help me deliver leaflets that am using my grandson to deliver them.


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