Why Not UKIP? Why Not Labour? Why Respect?

UKIP wants to stoke anti-immigrant sentiment in the country
UKIP wants to destroy the NHS by making you pay for visiting your surgery.
UKIP wants us to leave the EU. They feel they know better about how bad the EU is, this isn’t the right solution.
UKIP wants to roll back to years towards Thatcherism.

Labour has betrayed its very founding principles of standing up for working people.
New Labour tries to out-do the Tories at their own game wherever possible.
Labour council have let down their constituents in places like Rotherham and Bradford.
Labour’s unpopularity and failure has opened the door to the negative politics of UKIP.

Respect stands for Peace, Justice and Equality
Respect vehemently opposes Britain’s involvement in imperialist wars.
Respect opposes discrimination and prejudice in all its forms.
Respect wants to build a coalition between working people, poor people, immigrants, old people and students; people who need a voice most in society.

Sarah Kiran
Rotherham West candidate

19 thoughts on “Why Not UKIP? Why Not Labour? Why Respect?

  1. Respect is the last party I would ever vote for. George Galloway says it all for me.


  2. If I understand Sarah Kiran’s post correctly she and her party believes in uncontrolled immigration, believes the the EU has the right to govern Britain and does not oppose Genital Mutilation of young girls nor forced marriages.
    If I’m wrong I invite Sarah to post and correct me,


  3. Respect is in favour of a referendum on EU membership. The EU is an undemocratic plutocracy, a bankers’ Europe. It has gone on for too long and the issue is too important to neglect any longer.
    Respect is a pro-Europe party, but not of the EU in its present form. It is untenable to continue pretending to be a part of a union whilst pretending we would rather go it alone. There is no point in continuing to be a part of a union of 27 countries where 26 of the members are on one side and Britain places itself on the other side. The question needs to be put to the British public; are we a full member of the EU or are we going to choose to be in blissful isolation?
    Respect will campaign to be a central part of Europe. However, we will campaign, along with our sister left-wing parties around Europe, for the EU to be a more inclusive and democratic union. The EU can be a flag around which the people of Europe can rally.


  4. Basically Respect want a left wing Europe, who in their right mind would vote for that. I thought the EU was pretty left wing any way. Stalin versus Hitler, not much difference.


  5. Another party who thinks they know better than us Ukippers what UKIP policy really is! Quite amazing. UKIP policy is to keep the NHS free at the point of entry. How do they justify their statement otherwise?
    Almost as bad as the Liebour party.


  6. “Almost as bad as the Liebour party.”
    Well their leader is George Galloway…………………………….
    Voted moderately against a reduction in spending on welfare benefits
    Voted very strongly against replacing Trident with a new nuclear weapons system
    Voted very strongly against an equal number of electors per parliamentary constituency
    Voted moderately for a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU
    Has never voted on reducing central government funding of local government
    Has never voted on raising welfare benefits at least in line with prices.

    So much for Peace, Justice and Equality.


  7. listen Colin
    What has Mr Farage done for the party lets ask you the same question?
    you support him about immigration what has he done thats put a stop on immigration in the country, “NOTHING”


    • Yes he has. He’s made the the LibLabCon focus seriously on the the issue. Have you forgotten that for thirteen years under NuLabour ( a period that saw the biggest influx of immigrants in this country’s history) anyone that dared mention that there was excessive immigration into the country was called a racist, a Nazi and a Xenophobe, particularly by the disgraced, thief McShane. Immigration is now where it should be at the top of the political agenda!


    • Before you get your undies in a wad take a moment to digest a few facts:

      UKIP wants the same immigration controls for Britain as those currently implemented in Canada and Australia. I do not hear any howls of outrage and protest against the Canadian or Australian governments.
      Farage is not in a position to halt uncontrolled immigration as you well know so your post is invalid IMV in as much as you make an ad hominem attack.
      Stop being a sore loser.


  8. Well done bearnard hard luck time to hop back to woodsetts, prehaps ur UKIP freinds from anston parish council can go with you! Mr twan looked very shocked at the results last night at magna. Now we should be able to luck foward to our top class councilor jo burton gettin on we busy so please accept defeat and call of the hecklers at anston its time to watch corri instead! nan night dont let the bed bugs bite were now going into the bar for a private discussion


  9. @Sarah Kiran
    I was’nt talking about defining immigrants, I was talking about uncontrolled immigration. Nor did I criticise immigrants who work.
    I did not mention ‘separation from the EU’, there is a difference between self government and political control by an unelected body as you know. and I did not say Genital Mutilation and forced marriages was confined to the EU.
    I did not attack you, I asked legitimate questions about your leaflet on behalf of the Respect party..


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