All the Rotherham Results

The full results are now up here all in one place.

Any amateur psephologists out there?

Anston and Woodsetts
Boston Castle
Brinsworth and Catcliffe
Rother Vale
Rotherham East
Rotherham West

Rotherham European Parliamentary Election Results:

Roth Euro 26_05_2014


28 thoughts on “All the Rotherham Results

  1. After Thursday you would have thought that the Labour Group would be up for change, no, not at all.

    Whispers from the Town Hall have Stone saying that he is not for turning, no problems here, it’s all those racists.

    There is even a suggestion that Smith is being tipped as the new deputy and wait for it, no female cabinet members!

    The wider problem is for the MP Champion, UKIP have listed Rotherham as one of their top twenty seats for the 2015 General Election, given the upsurge in the UKIP vote Ms Champion may be in for a very hard fight.

    The continued antics of the Labour Group will make her job even harder.

    The leaving party for Akhtar is being held in a telephone box in town and the celebration for him losing to UKIP is being held at the New York Stadium.

    I understand that Akhtar will be spending more time on his blog posting under the name Colin getting back at all those Cllr`s who stabbed him in the back, its going to be interesting to see if he spills the beans!


    • What is the surname of this Collin? Steve Hopkins comes to mind as well. I have been contacted by a Steve Hopkins, he says he is from Kimberworth. Also to add to that, the people of Rotherham will see more of Respect from now. We are here to stay as a real alternative for Rotherham. For me, this election was to let the people know we are still here. Moving forward I will be in touch about our plans for Rotherham. You will see us at the Rotherham show


      • Hi Sarah,
        well done the other night. I’d hoped for a few more votes for you but as you say, early days yet for Rotherham Respect. Can you do me a favour? As someone who has only had positive things to say about you personally and Rotherham Respect since your first meeting at Talbot Lane, can you take this opportunity to disassociate yourself from the ‘white supremacist’ comments made by Maxwell 2 Truth on the post next to this one?
        Thoughtless comments like this can only have one outcome – turning potential UKIP voters into UKIP voters. Saying that most of the new UKIP councillors are bigots who want to return to a white supremacist Britain is not only crass and offensive, but counterproductive if the aim is to get a cross in the Respect box. I’d expect that kind of nonsense from a desperate Rotherham Labour, but Respect have to be better than that.
        I really, really, really want ‘Respect’ to mean just that. If only you can get away from this kind of easy to make smear, you can concentrate on where UKIP are weakest – their policies. Disavowing comments like these, made by a Respect supporter (I use that word reluctantly because I don’t think ‘Maxwell’ has done you or the party any favours,) would go a long way to confirming that I was right to call you a breath of fresh air all those months ago. Cheers.
        PS: Go Millers!


      • I hope so Reg. It’s what I thought, and what I still want to think, but you have to concede that claiming as a fact that your political opponents want a white supremacist country goes too far beyond political knockabout. I genuinely think she needs to distance herself from it. A random commentor saying it is one thing, but this clearly isn’t. I know it’s only me, so who cares, but it’s the kind of comment that turns off the sympathetic voices. Respect right now has Sarah on here telling us that Respect is here to stay, but who wants or needs yet another party that plays right into UKIP’s hands. Respect needs the sympathetic outsiders… but we’re the ones who most want them to be different from all the others. I hope they are.


      • Warren I totally agree with you. If Rotherham Respect are to be taken seriously – and the quality of Sarah and Raisah as candidates demands that they should be, then the comments of their supporters have to stay within acceptable bounds, and “white supremacist” is totally out of order.
        (I’ve encountered what I’d consider “white supremacists” in the southern US and in RSA/Zim but none of the UK far right nutters are in that league).
        Rotherham is a better place due to Sarah and Raisah, it’s important to keep it so.


      • Ms Kiran, unfortunately Respect is not the real alternative. Respect is the new Islamic party and I don’t think Respect is the right party for Rotherham. The right party for Rotherham is either a central control by the Government (Like doncaster) or no majority rule, or probably better, in the hands of either UKIP or the better choice Conservative. If Rotherham wants investment, and get people off benefits that it needs to move towards Conservative not be held back. But I must appreciate you commitment in helping UKIP secure the seat in the ward that you stood in.


  2. roger stone should do the right thing now ,step down form the leadership , did anyone hear him on radio sheffield ?? the guy has lost the plot .


    • @reader on, just to get rid of any confusion, Respect is not an Islamic party and there was not a comitment in helping UKIP secure the seat.


  3. I saw Sarah Champion on the lunch time politics program, I would be even less liable to vote for her, if I was a Rotherham central voter. All I see is common purpose and not common sense. I would love to see Diane Abbott come knocking on the doors in Rotherham, she would certainly increase the UKIP support, with her obnoxious attitude.


    • It’s hard to believe that we watched the same program Tim, …but then I’m not a conspiracy theorist who sees Common Purpose everywhere.
      Diane Abbott may strike you as obnoxious, but she’s very popular with the voters in her constituency; … and highly intelligent.
      Are there any women in politics that you do admire?


  4. Lets not forget the best result of all – Rotherham United winning at Wembly. Ok so it’s not politics, but who cares? 🙂


    • Yes, then, perhaps they will make enough money from their supporters etc. to pay back the money which was stolen from the Council Tax Fund by RMBC Labour Group to help pay for building that monstrosity known as the New York Stadium!


      • You sound bitter Anonymous, I take it you aren’t a Rotherham United fan?

        Monstrosity? Well they do say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, personally I think the New York Stadium is stunning. Did you ever go to Millmoor? THAT place was a monstrosity. It was also unsafe and the owner wanted a ridiculous amount of rent from the club. Something had to be done. The result is there for all to see and I have to say that you are the first person I have heard who has had anything negative to say about the way the stadium looks.

        Stolen? You mean the money that was LOANED to Rotherham United to build a new stadium, a loan that WAS put to its intended use, a loan they ARE repaying on schedule? With interest at a commercial rate? Is that the “stolen” money you’re on about? Call the cops, lol


  5. Dear Nigel of UKIP,

    One of this blog’s far too many AnonyMouses wrote:
    “The wider problem is for the MP Champion, UKIP have listed Rotherham as one of their top twenty seats for the 2015 General Election, given the upsurge in the UKIP vote Ms Champion may be in for a very hard fight.”
    I can only think, hope and expect that he is taking the newspaper report he got the information from too literally.
    Let me explain:
    There are 3 parliamentary constituencies in Rotherham, one called “Rotherham”, one called “Rother Valley” and one called “Wentworth and Dearne” – which is partly in Rotherham and partly in Barnsley.
    If I were UKIP, I’d go after Rother Valley, rather than Rotherham and definitely not Wentworth and Dearne.
    1. In Rotherham, UKIP got 46.28% and Labour got 43.65% of the vote – a difference of 2.63% , whilst in Rother Valley, UKIP got 41.67% and Labour 36.20% – a difference of 5.48% – a sizeable increase.
    2. Rother Valley has a locally inactive MP (Sir Kevin Barron) with a not very attractive/AKA very grubby back story, whilst Rotherham has a locally active new MP (Ms Sarah Champion) without any links to the discredited Rotherham Labour Council, and who doesn’t fit with the standard model of recent MPs – she successfully handled a real and responsible job in the local community.

    Looking forward to seeing your policies for the next General Election and you coming up to visit us.
    best wishes


    • Regular reader What is this all about? We will be doing everything to up the UKIP vote in Rothervalley, we know that we have to shift the vote in Anston and Maltby, we have twelve months to go. We already have the fulcrum in Rotherham central and Sarah best look for another job. Giving 16 years old the vote, is a lot less of an issue than mass uncontrolled immigration in Rotherham. I lost faith with politics back in the 1990′s because of the issue I saw coming with the EU and there are only an handful of politicians I have any time for: John Mann, Kate Howey, Dennis Skinner, Peter Bone, David Davis, John Baron and a handful of others. UKIP has some fantastic female candidates who are there on merit, Suzanne Evans, Jane Collins, Diane James and more are coming through.


      • So Ms Champion went on a Common Purpose course many years ago, so what? Lots of voluntary sector workers do. It’s no big deal. I’d imagine that you’ve been on lots of courses that the guys from Sheffield Skeptics would raise their eyebrows at, so what?
        How much “mass uncontrolled immigration ” is there into Anston; about as much as there is into Aston? i.e. zilch.
        Rotherham does not have a large immigrant community, but it does have a high level of unemployment. Therefore a real Problem and High UKIP vote.
        London has a very very large immigrant community, and a high level of employment. Therefore No Problem and Low UKIP vote.
        Interesting list of MPs!
        (I spent the early 1990′s in Basel, Switzerland, moving up to Frankfurt in 1995, and then on to Amsterdam in 1997 – so you can blame me for all the issues you saw coming with the EU in the 1990′s 🙂 ) IMHO the problems arose unexpectedly on 3 May 1998.


      • Regular reader. You behave like the political elite and commentators, you just don’t get it. If there isn’t an EU referendum before the 2015 election. Then UKIP will batter the establishment next time, this was just a ripple.


  6. I also watched Sunday politics it is interesting that Tim should leave out the part where the Asian UKIP European candidate was asked by the interviewer “what was the difference between the national front in the 1970s saying they did not want Pakistani neighbours to Farage saying he did not want Romanian neighbours”? He just went on a rant about UKIP being picked on. He also said that there was only him who had worked at the coal face, some one should point out to this fool that you have to go underground to do that not own private businesses employing illegal immigrants. The main parties never seem to learn they are still saying UKIP got votes as a protest against them, they seriously believe that all will be well next year. Too late for those Labour councillors in Rotherham who lost their positions, now they know how the thousand plus workers they voted to sack felt. Jacquie Falvey was heard to say when storming out of the count, I will have to get a job now. Lets see if she can get £17,000 for a few hours none work.
    Dave Smith


    • What a week Jahngir Akhtar gone.
      Fresh face in west ward Sarah the lioness Kiran for respect party.
      Addul Razak and Kiran standing upto Asbo.
      Rotherham United won?
      Best week of my life?
      Shame we coudnt get rid of Showkat.
      Mahroof Hussain your next.
      COME ON RUFC ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️


    • Dave. I was very shocked to see the UKIP guy won, I thought he wasn’t doing anything, but he has a winning formulae. I will have a pint of what Finnie and Farage are on. You are just twisting words Dave and I suspect there is some sour grapes, but then all along you have been digging at UKIP and it has back fired. Coal face is a figure of speech as you well know. If you had taken time to find out a little more about Amjad Bashir’s, when his family came to Britain his dad made him mix with the white children and their family integrated into the British way of life. Recently when the steel band refused to play in Croydon, it was the black candidate standing for UKIP who arranged it and it is very upset that the left wingers have twisted what really went off and disrupted his event. As a nation we have a big issue with immigrants who aren’t willing to integrate into our way of life and I see massive problems looming and a possible civil war. Enoch Powell will have the last laugh. We now have subway only selling Halal meet in 10% (no pork and bacon) of their stores and the local supermarkets can’t guarantee that the meat isn’t Halal. Cheers Tim


      • @Warren Vale, I was referring to the fake accounts. As for UKIP, I have only ever spoke of their policies. I have not made any comments about White superiority. As individuals we have opinions, these are not necessarily my opinions but I cannot control the opinions of a supporter. I do not wish to take away the democracy that Rotherham West in particular had received on Thursday night, but that does not mean that I agree with UKIP’s policies. I would like to congratulate Rotherham West for taking some democracy back and I would also like to congratulate Maurine Vines on her latest victory. I am keen to see what she has in store for Rotherham West. I would also like to tell Rotherham West what I can do for them. All in good time, watch this space. As I have said previously these elections were there to tell people I exist. Now that they know I am here, they will start to find out how I can help.


      • Thanks Sarah.
        If it’s ‘fake accounts’ then let me advise you that someone calling themselves Maxwell 2 Truth has linked his (or her) screen name to the Facebook account of someone whose name appeared on some of the Respect election literature and that certainly could have been an issue for you and the party because that would not have been a mere ‘supporter’, but I’m reassured by what you’ve told me.
        Hopefully, now that the ‘faker’ Maxwell has been outed, there’ll be an end to despicable claims regarding your political opponents and by implication (or is it inference?), their voters. I know people who voted UKIP and although I believe them to be politically misguided, I can promise you they wouldn’t vote for white supremacists. So I’m pleased that no-one in the Respect team itself would have said such a thing.
        Let me add that I believe that you have conducted yourself in an exemplary manner throughout this election and you are a credit to your party. Might I suggest though that you tell ALL your helpers, staff and volunteers to keep a careful eye out for abusive posts which the ‘fakers’ are linking to their legitimate social media pages. Don’t allow the ‘fakers’ to say daft things that can cause future problems for Rotherham Respect. If you spot these ‘fakes’ early enough you can nip them in the bud before they cause an issue, maybe even stopping them before they appear if your team is really on the ball. Keep up the good work, Rotherham needs a strong, principled political Left to counter the growing strength of the political Right.


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