13 thoughts on “IN QUOTES: Labour MPs Line Up to Turn Fire on Miliband

  1. Dinnington proved how disastrous for Labour it was in thinking that they did not have to campaign, believing that they could just rely on the Labour faithful. A great quote from Jacquie Falvie as she was storming out of the count ” I’ll have to get a job now”. My questions to her, are there any left after the Labour council has had it’s way and where are you going to get a job that pays 17k a year for a one or two hours a week? Welcome to the real world the world your constituents, or should I say ex-constituents, struggle in every day.
    Dave Smith


  2. Locally it would not have made much difference even if labour had a better leader then Ed. majority including useless Cllr stone, the autocratic dictator Akhtar and his right hand man Cllr maroof Hussain, , Sherman , Cllr shahbana etc who needs enemies and put Ed the position he is in right now. Ed give Cllr maroof Hussain safe seat at next year GE to kill the party further


  3. “Michael knows full well that the Labour strategy was not to attack UKIP and that was an error . We chose not to attack UKIP and that was a bad error.”

    Oh that’s a good one, maybe he hasn’t seen the Labour party election material for Rotherham, they did nothing BUT slag UKIP off. They should have done more to tall s how they are going to get this town out of the mess THEY created, but no, easier to try and make the opposition look bad than to make themselves look good.


  4. Agreed; e.g. the labour lies on the back of all their leaflets – to a man. The supposedly impartial ‘Advertiser’ however did not see fit to print our rebuttal letters even though they had 2 editions in which they could have do so before the elections.


  5. Where was Sarah Champion at the count? She is so inexperienced she doesn’t even know she was expected to be there. More importantly she should have wanted to be there. Perhaps she just doesn’t give a toss knowing she doesn’t need to get reselected for next years general election. It never ceases to amaze me what ordinary Labour Party Members are prepared o put up with from Labour Party head office. No wonder the party is loosing members.


  6. Miliband has the charisma of a soggy lettuce.
    The London centric Labour HQ wonks badly misjudged these elections believing that UKIP took votes only from ex Tories and ‘their’ heartlands would not be affected.
    The downside is UKIP have no representation on any of the London boroughs and Labour did take 284 seats against UKIP’s 184 gains.
    The biggest problem IMV is voter apathy for example,in Anston 2/3rds of the eligible voters made the effort to cast their votes and in spite of 2114 people voting against Burton she won with a majority of 31=0.90% of the votes. Not what you call a ringing endorsement for a Labour councillor.
    The non appearance of Champion should not surprise anyone. It was not the ideal photo-op for her and as far as I’m aware she and Sir Kev do not have not been photographed together recently. Sir Kev is not known for fully supporting millionaire Miliband whereas Champion likes to use her PR skills in manufactured opportunities.


  7. Who is Kevin Barron known for supporting except himself? He currently employs his new wife, former wife’s sister, his daughter is on a 5 figure salary from RMBC, his brother enjoys his RMBC perks….Forget the Benefits Street crowd these people are the real burden on the tax payer! I would make an estimated guess that they rake in around £160, 000 to £200,000 per year from the taxpayer, for what? Is there any measurable benefit to the people of Rotherham from these people? What tangible thing has Barron achieved for Rother Valley or how has he made a difference on a scale worthy of mention in thirty years? His daughter narrowly escaped the UKIP hatchet aided by the independant who only stood to rid his town of her. Sir Nutkins will not be so lucky!


  8. Colin.
    Another photo-opportunity is Caroline Flint, MP for the Don Valley, her seat must be on the UKIP hit list, and I do hope so.
    An out of touch MP.
    Partner employed in her office.
    Will only turn out for a community event if the TV or other media are there.
    No interest in the real issues impacting on her constituents.

    A total waste of time MP, bring it on UKIP!


  9. Considering many of UKIPs and Respects’s Ms Ridley’s anti LGBT rant shouldn’t that be Mr Farage in the photo. Just a thought.


  10. Frankly I don’t care if Mr Miliband looks a bit nerdish – the emphasis on his media “presence” typifies how debate on the actual issues, and examination of the policies of the parties, is now subordinated to a media-led fixation on style. God, how we need some substance in our debates!
    Behind style and presentation, character, integrity and connectivity to the ordinary constituent/voter are, of course, very much live issues because politics in this country is palpably broken. People are now talking of barely 50% voter turn out in Newark as a “high turn-out” – but most people are disengaged. Why did Cleggy and the L-Ds not kick and scream for PR within the coalition? PR works for Holland, Belgium, Germany and Scandinavia (mostly very stable, equitable and contented societies) so why not for us? The system is all wrong in so many ways. I met John Battle this week (former Leeds MP and a decent Labour bloke) and he told me how he had no time to live an ordinary life as an MP because of the ludicrous time constraints. Too much legislation is badly drawn up because MPs are too tired to think it through and so it has to be redrafted over and over, wasting more time and money. There is little time for real, constructive debate on the pressing issues like energy, the environment, an ageing population and how to help the growing “underclass” of poor and disenfranchised. These issues are ticking time-bombs that won’t squeeze into the instant short-term agendas driven by media deadlines and politicians’ knee-jerk spouting of populist sound-bites to be re-elected. We are sleep-walking to disaster. A pageboy fainted during the Queen’s Speech (forced to stand through ceremonial for hours in a hot, tight fitting uniform?) – is this symbolic of how our political system, with all it’s antiquated procedures and confrontational style, is failing to meet human need and connect with people where they are?


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