The Rotherham West Result

I am starting the process of going through the local election results.

Rotherham West proved a real cliffhanger but the result went against Akhtar in the end.

These are the results for Rotherham West:

Rotherham West
Name Description Votes Vote%
Akhtar Labour 1528 42.6
Kiran Respect 217 6.0
Marshall Conservative 240 6.7
Vines UKIP 1567 43.7 Elected
Total Votes 3587
Electorate 9565
Turnout % 37.5


22 thoughts on “The Rotherham West Result

  1. Sajid Bostan ten bellies said we have fixed the rotherham council, police and radio sheffield.
    U lump of lard couldnt fix the voters wheres your FATHER jahngir akhtar.


  2. The youngest candidate Sara Kiran deserves congratulations for her role in helping to reshape the political landscape in Rotherham West. Sometimes it is not about winning but empowering people to believe they can make a difference and the voters have done that. It speaks volumes that the voters found UKIP preferable to Asbo but all who believe in justice and democracy can rest assured that they can continue to make changes in Rotherham.
    It also sends a message to the rest of the skanky crew under Asbo’s control and influence … nothing lasts forever.
    Well done Sara.


  3. I wonder how many Files have been shredded and destroyed before anyone uncovers the shameful past of dodgy deals false accounting and expenses fraud. Unless Akhtar pushes all the blame onto his so called colleagues backstabbing them all in the hope he can repair his reputation.


  4. Akhatar’s role model and master Lord Nazir and good pal Cllr maroof Hussain will be advising and helping him get rid of the evidence and ways to coverup and who to put blame in case they could not cover everythings


  5. I must share this anecdote from the count, that demonstrates the true character of the now, Mr Akhtar.

    At the Rotherham West table, Akhtar was in full strutting mode.

    When the votes were split into piles and Kiran’s pile was modest by comparison with his, he started deriding her for ‘wasting’ her time standing against him!

    As the count progressed labour faces looked more and more concerned. Akhtar started resembling Darren Hughes two years ago, as the realisation came, that he had lost!

    Defeated then, by the combined effort of two women! For a misogynist like Akhtar this was a huge blow and he disappeared pronto!

    The real moral of this, is in a democracy, you can be ‘booted out’ as well as being elected!


  6. Well said Mr razaq
    I think what we have now got to concentrate on though is making sure that vermin and rats like asbo 2 face Akhtar aren’t allowed to enter Rmbc town hall again. This dirty sewer rat Akhtar, along with his hanger on rats and yes yes yes followers, have done nothing but make the lives of genuinely decent people, like mr razaq, lives hell with their bullying ways. They intimidate and bully ordinary folk of Rotherham as though they are one below god. Akhtar has done nothing for nobody other than himself and his uneducated know it all sons. He has constantly over the last few years thought about his own pocket And to be greedy in getting that filled before genuinely helping anyone in need. The other thing we need to bring into perspective is…… What about asbos cronies?……… What lies ahead for them now daddy is no longer there to hold there boxer shorts when they slip: the cronies and hangers on……….
    1. Ten belly saj Bostan: a very loyal son to Akhtar……. Back to driving the taxi eh Saj? Nobody to advise you on taxi issues for the private hire association and to promise things will get done in the council. No more Akhtar’ll fix it eh? The moral of the story here Saj? Graft a living like everyone else and keep ya fat nose out of polotics and playing one against the other, god is watching and as you can see it with your daddy…….. God may well wanna pay you back one day and it’ll hurt like hell. (Ask daddy asbo)
    2. Mansha hussain ex Rotherham hackney carriage association chairman: he is probably the most loyal of daddy’s sons. Mansha my dear boy I told you years ago when I happened to bump into you at the orient express on one of asbos many “help a asbo with a quid” donation nights (I wasn’t there for that event but with family) that this wasn’t your real daddy and that he wasn’t there for you the way you thought but he was there to use, abuse and trample on you and that he would continue doing this at his will cos you’d let him. I was right…… You’ve let him do that over n over again since he came to rmbc. The moral of the story?: listen to someone other that your daddy Akhtar next time…… There may just be a little truth in the advice someone other than asbo gives you. Never mind though chin up cos you work in Sheffield now so you might just get away from him especially now his diary will be not as busy and he probably won’t need you to do his running about anymore like a lost joey.
    3. The dirty half dozen DC brothers from Ferham (there’s only six brothers rather unlike the dirty dozen ghandi boys): well what can I say other than that rumour has it that these 6 dirty drainpipe rats spent the last time asbo was up for election picking people up from their HOMES (along with Mansha in his cab) to come out and vote. I think the only reason it wasn’t done this time was that the respect party had got thire eyes wide open and looking out for this dirty tactic. The moral of the story for this dirty pack of 6? Stick to taxi driving, putting a hard days work in and stay away from shoving your head up other peoples arses n mind your own business rather than trying to kiss arse with people in “power” because as you can see when they lose the power……… It leaves you all in your Todd.
    There are more in this group but I think that’s enough to be chewing on for the moment. Toodeloo!!!


    • Well written?
      One by one these peoples past will catch up with them dont forget our old general secretary Azar Afsar the one who records peoples conversations and goes running to his daddy janghir.
      Kee speaking the truth the public need to made aware of these people name and shame them.


  7. the sewer rat list continues:

    4. azher “10 chin” afzar also known as “CHOOTA CHARLIE” (liar charlie)………as slimey and devious as they come so a very welcome member of the ex deputy leaders little army of rats. regularly recording menial conversations (as kindly pointed out by anonymous), where people are regularly bad mouthing asbo (wouldn’t you?) then running back to anyone that will listen to try and build up brown nose points. a very educated individual indeed he is one of the few at the top table of the rotherham private hire drivers association (RPHDA) (they are on face book if you care to have a look). that educated that the last poster he designed for the “AGM” was titled “RPHDA AMG ” to be held at etc etc (yes you got it “AMG”…..educated as you can see…………..wasnt that a model of a merecedes car last i heard 10 chins? ha ha ha . the moral of the story choota charlie? again stick to being a cabbie and not telling lies oh and also try and do your homework properly……….its called an AMG not AMG (annual general meeting) also i think the whole point of the Facebook page is to give your members news on local taxi issues…..your Facebook page has no news regarding local issues on taxis but plenty from everywhere in the country…….take your head out of asbo and concentrate on local members.



  8. Thanks to Sarah Kiran for helping remove Akhtar. He clearly didn’t see it coming and absolutely misread the objective of your campaign.

    Now I wish you’d join Labour and help make it a better place, but hay ho…regardless you have definitely gained respect for Respect, you and your family for the bravery you’ve shown from many in Rotherham.


  9. sarah kiran has been the saviour of rotherham as far as the asian community is concerned at the moment. sarah is from a wide family that has traditionally backed asbo for years but i think that they seen the light thank god this time and also that akhtar isn’t the “leader” that everyone thought him to be. when asbo found out in past years people from the asian community we’re standing against him he would go and beg the not to as it wouldn’t achieve anything as far as he was concerned but this time the standing of sarah wasn’t leaked thank god……..and the result is brilliant. finally the west ward residents are free!!!!!!


    • @concerned as ever, just to put the record straight, uncle Akhtar was fully aware that I was standing. This was never personal from my side, it was a case of introducing an alternative on my part. A few members of my extended family are still standing by uncle akhtar shoulder to shoulder where they belong. Despite Uncle Akhtar’s hard work and perseverance over the last 14 years, Rotherham West was still suffering from facing consequences and getting their legs broken. Note that here I am speaking as a member of the public and not as a Respect Party Member. 1 particular individual was at the forefront of Uncle Akhtar’s campaign and yet claimed to be my brother and moral supporter. Note that the reason why I say Uncle Akhtar is because in my culture it is disrespectful to address our elders without a title and sadly I can no longer address uncle akhtar as councillor Akhtar or acting deputy leader. A message to Uncle Akhtar, please note this was never personal, it was my choice to stand and not my family’s decision, therefore if there is any hatred or anger or consequences then it should be directed at me alone. On my part there was a lack of faith in your capacity as a labour deputy leader, we are living in a democracy and as per article 19 of the universal declaration of human rights we are legally allowed to hold such opinions as it is our civil and political right to do so. This is literally our birth right by definition believe it or not so no hard feelings, from the little girl who is half your age, but doesn’t hold any grudges. Also it is admirable that you offered 20 computers to an individual despite running such a stressful campaign. Best of luck in your future career, wherever this may be.


      • Well spoken, a true diplomatic. We must not forget the bigger picture. As time passes, so does ones thoughts. One must not forget, LABOUR are a party of the past and not future. It is clear to see, what mistakes they have made at a global level. Look at their representation, councillors whom are hand picked, have no community cohesion and strategic knowledge, except they think they do. How many councillors do you know, who supported the 20 year heart aching campaign of the Lawrence family, how many resigned or objected to the two wars, Labour went to. They stayed silent. Look at communities at a national level, every city with a Labour majority, looks decayed and run down. The labour philosophy, create a congested community, “GET THE VOTES”. A very old traditional ploy by the labour party.

        Please people, wake up to reality, these councillors pretend they represent you, but we know different. Vote for a change, vote a true advocate of your community.

        We are led to believe, UKIP are racist. Let me remind you, what true racism is. When one isolates you, and abuses you, and creates a living ghetto in our communities. Over crowding in houses, anti social behaviour, where our elders and children feel unsafe to walk. Litter scattered everywhere and half broken furniture dumped in front gardens. Landlords making money out of peoples misery, by charging excessive rent and turning a blind eye to over crowding. This in return is further ignored by local councillors, as they are friends of a friend.

        Do we not care about our communities any more. Have we forgot about our true values, where our local elected representatives, would do a street visit, at least once a month.

        UKIP have taken back, what they believe is theirs, Community values. They want to listen to local people and they are also true representatives of the people. Yet, frightened opposition parties call them racist. We create divisions our selves, and elect the wrong people.


  10. Came across this little piece of gossip doing the rounds.

    Akhtar is already planning a comeback by moving Kath Sims to another Ward and he would again be Labour’s candidate for Rotherham West Ward. Another variation makes Akhtars son, Azizzum, the candidate?

    Anyone taking bets on that result? Akhtar to lose, would be the smart bet!


  11. Ah ermm – the statement – “UKIP have taken back what they believe is theirs – community values.” Sounds a bit ‘tomorrow belongs to me’ for comfort and I’m sure .a lot of Ukippers would find that a little far fetched.”
    No one has an ownership of community values. Not UKIP, not I – no one. . Communities have many shades and hues and not all are UKIP; I may argue (as the non conformist leftie I am) with UKIP, the tories, Respect, Libs etc but I would never claim to have sole ownership of the totality of community values – different to them in many ways maybe – but sole ownership.- i’m not that deluded or rude. .
    To paraphrase ‘ those that the gods seek to destroy they first install a deluded belief of moral superiority and then let them display their arrogance. to all.”


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