CSE Lawsuits Announced!

ITV News Calendar:

ITV 29_05_2014

Further developments, click here.

1 thought on “CSE Lawsuits Announced!

  1. about time…and sue the council and the police…….but until they whole concept of Rotherham council and the police and CPS changes nothing will happen. (Bring the case against them in another county) Just like if your a relative of a councillor than you would be let off, (they even have the jury)….how can this happen in this day and age and no one blink an eye. I wish you best of luck, but very little chance going against this corrupt system. But one thing for sure they will be willing to pay you off with a lot of money…but i know its not about money, its about protecting our future and our kids. i have 1 daughter and i am with you.


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