9 thoughts on “The Times – In full – heads must surely roll!

    • Well spotted Warren
      If you click on the pic – it is telling a valid message, but it isn’t obvious directly from the tweet. Beyond Daily Mail.


  1. How can they be so stupid to not check how the trimmed image would look in the tweet.Rotherham council showing the world how great they are yet again. Shame on all of you at RMBC


  2. MUST heads roll though? This is RMBC we’re talking about after all. We thought heads must roll when it all first came to light. As more and more information was released, we thought it then too. We thought it when the Home Affairs Select Committee report was published. To my knowledge not one head has rolled over this yet. My worry is that it will be the wrong heads that eventually roll.


    • Heads roll at Rotherham council….. Not until it is released from labour control. Which council you would know that will pay 3 million a pound rent every year for a building they could have built for 10million. A company begged the council to let us build the building but the system was so corrupt that they were persistent on renting from the land owners booth. Its total corruption and they are all thieves. Too many uneducated Asians vote for the labour. I have yet to meet an educated Asian voting labour. This is not my view just someone that mentioned it. Its not true for my ward as I live in wickersley but it may well be true for central Rotherham wards. Rotherham can never be saved until there is more education in the area.


      • I like to add social services, Rotherham council and the police have failed these beautiful children, who belong to all of us. And its true that the police conclude with the council instead of being independent. Just look at council tax issues and how police side with the council even when the council get it wrong. Its sickening and worse now with the commissioner being labour man. Rotherham people have been fooled for too long. With all these going on, in any other council there would have been huge riots or better still peaveful protests and the council would have closed down but not Rotherham….no one really wants to know. No one seems to be bothered. Everyone is either dumb or asleep. Time to wake up idiots. Surely someone must understand


  3. “Too many uneducated Asians vote for the labour. I have yet to meet an educated Asian voting labour. This is not my view just someone that mentioned it”.
    Then why did you repeat it?
    Define ‘educated’, educated to what standards?
    I could easily assert that too many ‘uneducated’ 20-30 years old white Britons vote Labour. Both statements are derogatory and unfounded. You are leaving yourself wide open to accusations of racism so I suggest in future you do not post ‘I heard it from someone else’ statements.

    Back on topic……………………….
    The story of CSE in Rotherham was disclosed by a respected national newspaper but compared to the Labour party’s response to ‘Plebgate’ RMBC and the Left would have you believe CSE is a minor hiccup. It is not, it is a stain on Rotherham and like the inquiry into Thacker’s child snatching in 2012, RMBC is guilty of obstruction and obfuscation. This is not good enough, if Kimber wants this hanging over him and haunting him and his career all he has to do is what he has done so far. Nothing.


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