RMBC Press Office – Not perhaps the best image to use?

RMBC Press Office recently tweeted on the subject of the signs to look out for, if their child might be at risk?

It emerges they might have checked the un-cropped image, as well as the cropped, a little more thoroughly, see the second image below:



9 thoughts on “RMBC Press Office – Not perhaps the best image to use?

  1. I’m glad you’ve given this a little more prominence. It sums up the lacksadaisical approach taken by RMBC perfectly. Given the current climate, anything from the council regarding the sexual exploitation of children should be double, triple and quadruple checked before release. This illustrates once again, the disconnect between the town hall and public sentiment… ‘Oh good, a campaign. Just stick it out there, it’ll be fine. This’ll show ‘em that we’re doing something.’


  2. Yes I agree with you warren vale,but its not happened to any of their KIDS,so it doe’s not matter whist they live in their ivory towers.Lets hope and pray something will come out of the forthcoming events and certain so called top brass of RMBC and the police are brought to justice,we do not want to hear the same VOMIT,LESSONS HAVE BEEN LEARNT.


  3. It woulc be good to see some common sense transparency and honesty from rmbc that pic if it was sanctioned by r m b c is so wrong for the campaign against child grooming but then what can we expect


  4. This council needs to be taken to task. I don’t understand why everyone is so quiet about this. There is definitely a love between labour and the Rotherham people. I’m a outsider and came only to Rotherham for work purposes. I’m also a doctor and just do not understand why Rotherham is hooked on this silly council….and its silly set-up. Everything I have seen happen for the last ten years in Rotherham is disgusting and the lack of actions by this council is disgusting. Groomers are the worst people that effected Rotherham but I must say Rotherham Council is on par. The the policitcal scandals..and one guy, I think Mr Hussain, who is a councillor that i met on official business could hardly speak english……..what is going on when you people are choosing people that cant speak you native language. I must be totally stupid or something is seriously wrong here. But Everyone I tell they just do not want to know….what is it that Rotherham council provides that is so entertaining. If I was on benefits than I would understand Rotherham Council, as I have been told numerous of times….Is everyone planning to stay on benefits in Rotherham?


  5. @reader

    “……….Mr Hussain, who is a councillor that i met on official business could hardly speak english……..
    I agree with the main thrust of your post but are you sure you’ve got the right man?
    Honours Degree in Business Computing.
    Awarded an MBE.

    I do not hold a torch for Hussain or any other Labour councillor but I would like to be sure a man with a poor standard of English (your words) did not obtain an unfair advantage when he was awarded his degree.
    Your post leads me to believe English is not your first language therefore I’m puzzled why you criticise Hussain
    .Labour dominated RMBC does have questions to answer concerning the CSE scandal and I hope that investigations are conducted by a fully independent panel that has no ties to Yorkshire or any RMBC councillors.


  6. Reader, do you have the right man?
    Cllr M Hussain is an articulate and very well educated individual, his grasp of the English language is far better than mine, he almost sounds like that he is from the Home County’s and not from Rotherham, Yorkshire!


  7. ok , i don’t remember his first name, anyway yes English is my first language….yes and it is true anyone can call themselves doctor, engineer, superman. call yourself what you like. I’m not here to question you. I was just putting my point across. Yes I have friends from abroad that speak better English than our own people.. I was just addressing a situation that arose in a meeting.


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