News of a parish council scrutiny blog

We bring readers news of a new scrutiny blog, this time focussing on the activities of a parish council. Click on image to visit:

APCW- 06_06_2014

Wherever the peoples business is transacted a scrutiny blog is most welcome and essential if labour are to be held properly to account.

As well as Local and General elections in 2015, the parish council elections also take place on the same day next May and this must be taken as a further expression of voter rebellion!

21 thoughts on “News of a parish council scrutiny blog

  1. I hear a lot of moaning from the people who are against the Labour people on the council, but I never hear their vision. They just seem pedantic to me.


    • Labour vision…. What vision. The only vision they have is control and money. Labour by its definition is wasteful. The whole labour concept is corruption. Its time Rotherham people got up and in real terms forced dissolution of this council.


  2. Anston Parish Council Watch, Happy Happy Happy. If this blog is going to hold Members of the Parish Council to account, the same way that Roth Pol holds RMBC to account, then I suspect that the two Labour Cllrs who don’t live in Anston will be running back to Dinnington. If I was a Labour Cllr at Anston I would be resigning pretty fast, before the already poor reputation they have, goes down the Pan. Lets see how long those, who stick their hand up when told to do so, carry on backing St John, Dalton and Beck when under close scrutiny.
    I have been gagged by Cllr Beck and his fellow cronies, ( they used trumped up false allegations to remove me from all committees) they don’t like me asking questions, and they don’t like it when I show how inept they really are. Just an example, they set the budget for this year, and not one Labour Cllr knew that the expenditure had risen by £46,000. And that included the Labour Chairman of the Finance committee, who ran the Budget Meetings, (a meeting I was excluded from because I asked awkward questions)
    Bring it on

    S Thornton
    Anston Parish Council


  3. Oh are you the Independent Cllr who was seen delivering UKIP leaflets, allegedly for charity, although I hear Bernard says he didn’t pay anyone anything to deliver his leaflets.


  4. You want scrutiny? Well this is scrutiny, of you. Since you claim to tell the truth perhaps the public ought to know the monetary value of the charity donation (for delivering UKIP election literature) and to whom it was paid. Or have you got something to hide?


    • No doubt the UKIP election agent will include the donation on their return to the Electoral Commission. It’s curious that nobody else on here is asking questions as I seem to recall some people getting very excited and called foul because some councillors had published RMBC email addresses on election leaflets. Strange that there’s zero interest in an exchange of money for the delivery of leaflets and no appetite for scrutiny in that regard when Labour aren’t involved..


  5. Nothing to hide at all. You obviously know me and therefore also know I don’t lie.
    Why are you so interested in this issue, is it possible that you are a supporter of the very people who seek to evict me from every meeting I attend, just because they don’t like the questions I ask. Instead of asking If I have anything to hide, maybe you should ask your morally corrupt Labour friends the same question.
    Its obviously irking you that you don’t know how much and where the money went, so I wont tell you. Again do you really thing I lie on Blogs.
    The Labour attacks have started already, with 10 months to go to Election, shame on you. Have all the readers of this blog noticed that of all the Independent Cllrs at Anston, I am the one they go for, I must be doing a good job.
    Its all a matter of public record.


  6. Why does an item about a new community blog turn into an attack on an Independent someone hiding behind the name ‘Bob Rust’?
    I welcome the new blog because it will give the residents of Anston a voice and make local councillors more accountable to those they claim to represent.
    Where is the problem with that?


    • How refreshing to have a blog scrutinising the mire of deceit that is APC. Finally lets hope we can get some transparency on why we have the highest precept in the borough (my suspicions are to pay for the copious amount of pick n mix Dalton gets through during the meetings), why we’re now indebted to the sum of 200k plus for the purchase of a field the majority of Anstonians didn’t want, or need, why APC entered into a court case they had no chance of winning, why considering Gazur has proved time and time again he is incompetent is he still in post, why is there not an ounce of decency, professionalism, honesty or transparency at APC. Oh and Mr Rust as you seem so concerned about the transparency of Cllr Thornton may I suggest you continue this tact by asking the Daltons, Burtons, Stonebridges, Becks and St Johns of this world about ffinancial transparency at APC.


      • But I’m still waiting for an answer from the truthful and transparent Cllr Thornton, what charity and how much. When I get an answer then I might turn my gaze upon the other Cllrs. I cannot think why he is so reticent to give me an answer.


      • @Emma Dobbs.
        I agree 100% Emma. Perhaps you’d like to put your comment on the blog? I’m sure more people will see it, alternatively I can PM the ‘Watchman’ and ask him to reblog from here if you agree?
        Good post.


  7. Robert Rust, I think we have an integrity issue here. I have stated quite openly that I have donated money to Charity and made it public, so again do you really think I would make it up. The integrity issue is on you. Why do you seek to question and criticise my good works for Charity, when you hide behind a false name. Integrity, what integrity.
    Why is it that Labour, are afraid to put their names, when they seek to persecute a Parish Council Member.
    Emma Dobbs, I don’t think we have met, but if you wish to contact me I would be most willing to “clarify” some of the issue you rightly put. You have just touched on the top of the Iceberg.
    If the general Public were aware of how the Labour Party acts on their behalf, there would be a revolution.
    Come on “Mr Rust”, show some Integrity, reveal who you really are, until you do so, no one will take any notice of what you say. I don’t think Emma got any serious response from you regarding your friends.


  8. Colin, please feel free to pm ‘the watchman’. There is nothing but fact in my previous statement and if it will aid further awareness of the practices at APC then all well and good. I intend to register with the blog and also post a response to Jo Burton’s ‘plea for women’. Unfortunately as a poor downtrodden business woman struggling against the male elite I simply haven’t had the chance. Maybe I shall book an appointment with those captains of industry Dalton & Burton and accept their offer of support? On another note I saw Cllr Thornton had asked if i’d be interested in joining APC. Unfortunately having witnessed ROB IN cry once before when beaten by Darren should I now defect to UKIP Hughes I wouldn’t want to be the cause of another emotional outburst although it could work wonders for the Cutlers takings. More importantly though I’m reliably informed Cllr Dalton doesn’t share her biscuits !!


  9. Thank you Cllr Thornton for your offer I shall consider it. Please be aware that I know at least half the depth of said iceberg and my agent who I’ll refer to as Ranulf currently has pick in hand !


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