Mandelson’s Law – No longer holds true in Rotherham?

Peter Mandelson allegedly said that traditional Labour voters in the North would vote Labour regardless because they had “nowhere else to go.” Well it seems they have now.

The local Labour Group has very much reflected the Mandelson attitude, treating members and the electorate like dirt, as an inconvenience. They have been lazy, in a few cases corrupt and often insulting to local people. The cronyism, nepotism and corruption within the candidate selection has led to a Group with too many numpties, small time cheap chisellers and moonlighters who see the town merely as a stepping stone.

Yes, the 2014 elections result show a significant national swing, however in Rotherham that swing was 45% greater. Compared to our South Yorkshire neighbours where UKIP advanced only modestly, Rotherham LP was exceptionally poor in fighting them off.

In other words there was a local effect, that can only be explained as based in the dreadful performance of this Labour dominated Council.

Can Labour turn it around for 2015? Personally I doubt it. Others have identified and I can confirm that the local LP Councillors are in denial, both as to their role in the defeat and ideas for improvement. Their recent Cabinet selections reveal an inability to change and an almost suicidal hanging on to what was.

They have no plan of any consequence to counter UKIP, primarily because all potential actions require work or sacrifice on their part. Believing as they do that UKIP is a phenomena created by the recession they’ve become dependent on the Tories bringing back the good times to help them defeat UKIP.

Looking to the history of right wing groups born in recession, they do not seem to understand that such tend to hang on for some years, certainly long enough to see off labour in Rotherham.

Looking at 2015 I’ve not taken a statistically based psephology to forecast the elections. Local election votes tend to be too small to benefit from the grander analysis applied to national swings. Instead I have done some simpler but possibly more accurate analysis. It goes like this….

If UKIP were to take the seats in the Wards they took this year they would have another 10 seats, with Labour losing 9 and the Tories 1.

Labour Councillors losing their seats would be would be:Havenhand, Andrews, Hamilton, Kaye, Foden, Swift and Sharman.

Plus both the Leader and Deputy Leader – The Dodger and Lakin

There are an additional 5 Labour seats where their majority is less than 75 votes. If UKIP could get those votes Labour would see Dalton, Roddison, Pitchley, Beaumont and Doyle go.

Of course the big fish are the three MP, none of whom can rest easy. This might even be justice, as all have been aware of the woeful condition of the local party, yet have done nothing about it, such as reporting them to the NEC. Maybe they will now…““““““““““““““““““““““““`1


10 thoughts on “Mandelson’s Law – No longer holds true in Rotherham?

  1. LIEBOR in Rotherham have had it to good for a long time,UKIP may be the answer,let us give the new 10 councillors a chance to prove themselves,they cannot do any worse than the ones they have replaced,the dictaorship is starting to crumble because people who were born and lived and worked around Rotherham are now opening their eyes and seeing what our town is turning into. We all know but if you dare to speak out of turn you are called a Racist by our smug self centred Liebor councillors,many who have made a good living of doing nothing but turn a blind eye to the ultimate program for Rotherham.


  2. Mwahahahahah

    Will would appear to be correct
    Heads of the Labour variety are spinning here in Moorgate
    All because they know little of their fate
    The consensus is that Labour shall lose the same nine seats next year and the Cons one
    More worrying to these poor little heads is the realisation of further losses
    Holderness, Anston, Brinsworth and Maltby are for the UKIP guillotine
    Yet Swinton is noted to stay safe for whatever type of consolation that poses to be
    A European trend you might claim this to be
    But these are the predictions placed by those in Brewers Green and not Moorgate
    Stone for Silverwood shall not be and will be calling it a day
    Eight more Councillors have secretly confirmed they will be stepping aside for one reason or another
    Some from the seats lost and marginal seats too
    Cowles shall stand against Barron and Vines shall stand against Healey
    An outsider shall be brought in to stand against Champion
    To add to their woes the BNP shall not be standing
    More worryingly the cons shall not be standing in all three Rotherham constituencies
    Strategically giving a strengthened platform to the UKIP contesters
    So go ahead
    Please call this an EU election surge
    But heads in IPOS Mori, Brewers Green, Moorgate and further a field think otherwise
    But they are not going to openly tell you that
    Now please excuse me as my shadow needs to go and get settled on Stone’s leather Sofa



  3. Some of the problems in Labour Group are: they just don’t care what happens in the future. Most of them have had the good years that a Labour Council can give them and they are now in their twilight years and would rather loose their seat than do any real work to recover the situation. In short they will just squeeze the last few quid out of the Council and then fade into oblivion. What a legacy they will leave when every time they walk round their local area in the future, someone will point at them and say ” there goes that useless greedy prat that was once our Councillor.


  4. On Point.
    Whoever ‘runs’ the local Labour Party needs to begin to get a strategy together and a clear-out of some dinosaurs. UKIP just need to be strategic and co-ordinate and they can take those nine seats and marginal dinosaurs too.
    Au Revoir Partie Du Travail


  5. A precise and damning analysis detailing Labour’s woes by Wil.
    Reading some of the comments by Labour councillors who vent their rage on Twitter (I’m not a member of any social networks BTW) everything is the fault of either A) the coalition and/or B) the voters who ‘have temporarily voted UKIP at this stage in the electoral cycle’. Or similar garbage.
    The PotTH also hits several nails on their heads, The Labour party in Rotherham is in turmoil because they were complacent and they have nothing new to offer to the voters who deserted them except criticism.of the opposition. That is not a policy. The Labour party at both national and local levels now operates on the L.O.O.T principle; Lack Of Original Thought. A weak opposition is bad for democracy whichever party is in power and Labour’s huge majority on RMBC is proof of this.


  6. ‘A weak opposition is bad for democracy which ever party is in and labour’s huge majority on RMBC is proof of this’ people of Rotherham not should take this seriously but also learn from neighbouring Sheffield City Council. When SCC had huge majority of Labour then it was nearly as bad as RMBC. Things improved with increase in oppositions members.
    Voters in Rotherham should vote other parties to bring about the change in our town for the better.


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