Time for answers?

Last October a group of despairing citizens sent this unsigned letter to two of the Rotherham Members of Parliament, Sarah Champion and John Healey.

Action from those whose duty it is to establish the truth and then take the appropriate measures to deal with the issues uncovered has not occurred, is no one listening?

Those of us behind Rotherham Politics are sure that some answers are now required?

Time for those with information, to step forward to tell us what they know? Rothpol will protect your identity, should you require anonymity, Rothpol. Details on fully protecting your identity and other ways to contact us on RikiLeaks.


There are further disclosures to be found in :

Jahangir Akhtar the unauthorised version Or the rise and fall of a street thug?

14 thoughts on “Time for answers?

  1. The culture of impunity, behind which Akhtar has operated, has come to an end!
    Time now, for the complete story to come out.
    Never again must one corrupt individual hold so much power, through harassment and intimidation. Akhtar must be held to account for his wrongdoing.
    The Labour Party must surely lead the way, by suspending his party card and starting a disciplinary process, that I am confident, would result in Akhtar enjoying the same fate as Garvin Reed and Naz Ahmed!


  2. The question that remains unanswered is; Did Champion and Healey do anything in response to this letter? Both of them love the publicity they gain in various newspapers ie: “Here’s me/us opening another project, see how good we are?”
    Let us see positive action from the two Labour MP’s who both assert to do ‘the best for Rotherham and its people’. All I’ve seen so far from them is the Three Monkeys syndrome.
    The mere fact of Akhtar losing his seat does not absolve him from any inquiries into his past misbehaviour, threats and dodgy dealings whilst abusing his position as Deputy Leader of our discredited Borough Council.
    The ball is now in Champion’s and Healey’s court.


  3. The Proceeds of Crime Act applies to Akhtar just as much as to any other nefarious individual who has a lot of questions to answer, but nothing can be done until the people who have evidence of his misdeeds come forward and provide it! Unless evidence is forthcoming it’s all speculation.


  4. Why do the people of Rotherham persist in voting Labour, have they learned nothing from past experience?
    It is not compulsory to vote Labour in Rotherham or any other rust belt town, there are other choices.

    Habitually voting in Labour corruptocrats then writing anonymous letters complaining about their behavior is risible and deserves to be ridiculed.


    • How much I agree with you. But everyone I meet are persistent that labour put Rotherham on the map. Probably true through their failures n nothing else


  5. The MP are unlikely to do anything formally through the Labour Party. At its simplest they will say it’s not their business; being pragmatic they probably need their local Group more than the Group needs them. They have to get elected and for this they need a party machine. In Rotherham that party machine remains well and truly in the hands of the small clique we worry about.

    They will also be aware of the weakness and inefficiency of Labours regional and central secretariat. They don’t have many staff and those they have are rarely competent in procedural or disciplinary matters. In fact the rules themselves are often unclear. So dealing with any disciplinary matter is a nightmare.

    If everyone who the broke Labour Party rules (Leaders, MP, NEC members etc) were disciplined there would be none left. To say that nationally the party is corrupt is an over exaggeration. To say that it is riddled with sub groups and sub interests, many of whom are permanently at war with each other for reasons most punters cannot fathom. But are all too real for the combatants.

    In the main the battles are for influence. Most famous are the tensions between MP and the Unions. Both wanting their friends, chums or themselves to be nominated for parliamentary or cabinet seats.

    I had, if not sympathy, at least understanding for UNITE when they were accused of fiddling party memberships for the Falkirk selection. Not because they were innocent, but because in the end they were doing something that most CLP, MP and unions have been doing in the Party for years. Ed Miliband and Ed Balls were both protégé of Gordon Brown, and the party accepts that Gordon “helped” them find safe seats.

    So Unite basically doing what came naturally must have been hellishly surprised when suddenly they’re fingered for what everyone else does. My concerns was as much that Unites Falkirk candidate was the ex (or some say current) partner of the Unite President and the major organiser of her campaign was Tom Watson , the presidents former flatmate…a small world & something for Unite members to think about

    Back to the subject….. the thing about Labour is that its a political party and therefore full of politicians. And politicians believe in rules for you and me, yet in their dark hearts they know that life is about power and influence, not rules:) Hence the battles, hence why numerous acts of corruption go unchallenged. With Politicians, like drugs dealers in Rotherham, only the weaker and un-influential actually ever get fingered.

    So back to Akhtar & chums. After he was convicted for violence the party administration took soundings from local senior activists about his re entry. Almost everyone said no way, yet somehow he was accepted back.

    The intelligent money would go on Lard Ahmed building a lobby of fellow Kashmiri LP politicians and their putting pressure on at NEC level. Even the NEC can be fearful the Kashmiri lobby, and accusations of racism and the loss of votes in some key inner city constituencies.

    AS for today? Influence is at its best is when nobody sees it working. So the question for our MP and the Party centrally is will Akhtar and others in the Council endanger their seats in the three constituency elections for 2015?

    Are the MP & Party administration capable of assessing such, and then acting.

    If these elements go against Akhtar and the Rotherham Group leadership, expect some behind the scenes pressure. We will probably only ever see the consequences in the form of changes of candidate for 2015, well maybe not all of us, I’m a little bit more connected than that:)

    The good news is at least that post 2015 we won’t have Roger, the bad news is that Akhtars ego is such that as I write he will be considering a come back.



  6. The other route for the complainants to get some satisfaction is by writing directly to the Charity Commission, but they would need far more detail than in that letter.
    It is after all the Charity Commission that regulate Unity Trust and REMA, not RMBC.


    • Very perceptive Wil.
      It is painful to read Champion’s efforts at political debate on Twitter which consists mainly of criticising the coalition for All The Bad Things They Are Doing instead of concentrating her efforts on helping to root out the corrupt and self serving wannabe’s who have debased Rotherham Council and local politics.
      So much for ‘Serving the people’.


      • I believe same letter was sent to number of community leader within the borough.
        The unity board was sent the same letter and this was discussed in the board meeting when Janghir Akhtar was chairman and his son Azizeem Akhtar, Steve Rodgers, Cllr Beck, Mansha Hussain and the rest of the board were present.
        I wonder what ever happened to the minutes of that meeting.


    • An other route is the law. If appointments to positions of management of the Unity Centre or REMA have been made without the proper and open recruitment procedure taking place then that used to be called gaining a pecuniary advantage by deception. But I believe this charge is no longer used and it would be a straight forward matter of fraud. But unless the people who have the evidence are willing to come forward the perpetrator/s of the fraud will have got away with it!


  7. @Anon
    ‘I wonder what ever happened to the minutes of that meeting’
    I would send an FoI request to Jacqui Collins, cc Martin Kimber and Cavan Vines. It will be interesting to see what Beck said, he normally has a lot to say at parish meetings.


  8. Is this the old letter; if so I feel I have to go against the grain and point out the weaknesses. Much as this pains me.

    Officially it is difficult to deal with such a letter as it contains generalities and no point of contact. It voices concerns but doesn’t offer facts or evidence. How can someone act if they don’t know who to reply to. Yes the receiver can ask and investigate but that’s all. The receiver can’t report back or take it further. In addition the letter needs actual back up evidence or it become generalities and innuendo. (Even if the innuendo turns out to be fact)

    Now before the various Anons start to rant can I state knowing Mr Akthar’s MO I think this actually happened. it seems to fit. And I can understand their reluctance to ‘go public’. However, if this complaint happened in my work place the management and staff reps would ask for more. They would need more. And rightly so. You can’t ‘convict’ or discipline on such content. Investigate yes, but take action – never.Justice has to be seen to be done – and justice can’t be done without evidence. That’s the legal way, that’s the correct way, that’s the British way and that’s the moral way – no matter how we may wish to see someone get their rightful punishment. In short it has to be able to be proven.

    The writer appears fearful – I can totally comprehend that – but maybe a third party contact could help? Also, having seen Sarah Champion concerning some very major issues with RMBC I have found her to be professional, concerned and willing to act. She listens well,discusses what is needed to be done then does it. She has been impartial and focused on the complaints resolution from my / our point of view.. The difference is in our case we gave her evidence to use, not just accusations. And we also gave details in a calm manner and pointed out exactly what had happened and how.

    If the generalities are true – and I don’t doubt – then others , ie counselors can ask questions and act too. But again once the questions are asked they could do little unless they have facts to back it up.It’s a difficult one to action without facts and evidence being present. I realize it’s not what we may all want, but that is the rightful way when complaints are made otherwise it just becomes a case of finger pointing and denial and that gets everyone nowhere.

    If this letter landed on my desk I would try to raise the issue but after that what could I do? Watch in the future maybe but little else. If a similar letter landed on my desk about an employee of course I’d be concerned, but without the back up that would be the end of it. .Not because I didn’t have concerns or it isn’t correct but simply because without proof or facts I couldn’t put anything forward but generalities. .

    To resolve this impasse maybe the writer could contact Rothpol anon with background? Or a representative whoever they may be?. They could still be anon. If not the matter will end there. Rightly or wrongly it will.

    Like most in my area (and I am traditionally an Old Labour girl as most regular contributors know) I was glad to see Mr Akthar .get his comeuppance at the ballot box. Indeed I played my part in may ways regarding his downfall. But for the life of me I can’t see how he can be investigated via this letter without more. I may have very strong views on certain aspects of Mr Akthar’s behaviour (not all) and those of many others, of all political hues, but like I said accusations are accusations – fact speak louder.

    Now a little suggestion. And its meant positively. .Colin you ask whether Sarah Champion or Colin Healey did anything. Well why don’t you (or your colleagues) take up the baton and ask and press this issue? If true it went beyond a party investigation and you can. .However, I feel even considering your willingness to do so you may too come to the same conclusion that if it is to be proven true you need evidence, for as we always said (and still do – honest) in Sheffield 6 – “Legally I’m afraid it’s a case of semper necessitas probandi incumbit ei qui agit” (The necessity of proof always lies with the person who lays charges)

    Finally, to the writer of the letter;Have faith you are not alone. You raised the issues and you should feel proud in doing so.If you can contact a third anon party with more. If you can’t do this through fear or confidence we understand. But at the end of the day it’s going to take evidence., If you have it please pass it on.


  9. @SKT
    ‘ Well why don’t you (or your colleagues) take up the baton and ask and press this issue?’
    I did that last year pointing out to her the damage being done to Rotherham and the Labour party by the negative publicity surrounding Akhtar and Kimber.
    Her reply was full of generalities and vague statements about how the integrity of councillors is paramount and perhaps I should wait until any enquiries are completed.
    I am not impressed.


  10. Colin I have not been impressed about the way Mr Kimber handles many things, including complaints. However,like I said this was a none starter as I actually agree, as I said, its full of generalities. More is needed. As complaints go its worthless without evidence and it typical file away material. That doesn’t mean its not serious, but it needs back up. Unless the writer is willing to take it further with evidence I’m afraid its file away – as all anon moans usually are. Sad to say but that’s the way it is.


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