Diary Date – Cabinet Meeting Wednesday!

The Cabinet meeting taking place in the Town Hall on Wednesday 18th at 10:30 am, has some very interesting business to transact, not the least of which concerns the SureStart children’s centre closures.

This will also be the first run out for the new cabinet. Ones to watch, Dominic Beck and Paul Lakin!

Click on links below to view:

Cabinet Agenda 18th June 2014

Cabinet Reports Pack for Cabinet 18th June 2014

Be grateful for reports from observers of this meeting that may turn out to reveal much of the incompetence at the heart of RMBC!

Next full Council Meeting Wednesday, 2nd July, 2014 2.00 p.m.

3 thoughts on “Diary Date – Cabinet Meeting Wednesday!

  1. I’d be delighted to report back what’s happened at the cabinet meeting if the police will allow me to take my mobile phone in the cell with me.


  2. I would be very happy to see what Cllr Beck does.
    Option 1 for the centres is to stick to the plan and close all the ones proposed. This option includes closing the centres at Anston and Dinnington.
    Option 2 is to save three of the centres, which includes Dinnington, but to close Anston. (and somewhere they will have to find an extra £350,000)
    Which ever way he votes, he will be responsible for the closure of the Sure Start Centre in Anston
    Cllr Beck also serves as a Parish Councillor in Anston, so how is he going to square that with those who elected him.
    It seems to me that Cllr Beck`s party loyalty, overrides that of the Public.


  3. The agenda is interesting to say the least
    Interesting may be an understatement
    A word of advice for those who may attend
    Whilst designating one eye to the agenda
    Keep one eye firmly fixed on cabinet members
    Body language shall reveal a neat insight
    For the cabinet now is dangerously divided
    More divisions than Yugoslavia
    Roger was furious in France when he heard
    That of the Lakin and Beck entente cordiale
    One eye on the agenda
    One eye on the body language
    Roger should not take any of this duo’s actions personally
    For Roger is like the Deutsche Regime late in 1945
    Sat uselessly without hope or a plan in the bunker
    Just a matter of time
    Soviets coming in from the East
    Allied forces coming in from the West
    Both have Roger’s head in mind and he is fair game.
    Who shall take Berlin or in this case Leader and Rotherham
    Yet it is Team Ellis coming in from the East and not the Soviets
    Team Lakin coming in from the West and not the allied forces
    Rumours that Roger has miscalculated the Lakin and Beck duo
    And is now looking for other channels of support
    So please make of Roger what you will
    The Sun is setting on Roger’s Empire
    There are two forces at play now and they are the driving force behind everything here on in
    Team Ellis briefing against Team Lakin
    Team Lakin briefing against Team Ellis
    This game is far bigger than you may think
    Every Councillor in Labour Group is on one side or the other
    Montague and Capulet


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