The Mayor Resigns

Reports are coming in, to the effect that The Mayor Barry Dodson has resigned!

‘Personal reasons’ are the stated reason, apparently? There must be more?

See also: The Mayor Barry Dodson

Rothpol’s congratulations go to Maggi Clark, who will now be installed as Mayor.

35 thoughts on “The Mayor Resigns

  1. That is so sad 😂 if there was a person more suited to being driven round it would Barry “I was a taxi driver” Dobson.


  2. There is much more to this story than what we have been told methinks.
    Resigning for ‘personal reasons’ can mean Illness or personal and financial pressures.
    Was he pushed or did he jump? He probably jumped before he was pushed
    If he wants to kill any and all rumours he must issue a non ambiguous statement by Monday at the latest.
    Something smells about the events of the last 72 hours. Stone disappears before a crucial council meeting and the Mayor suddenly resigns.
    Conspiracy? What conspiracy?


  3. Rotherham labour in crises. It had to come to as they have been involved on all sorts of wrongs things. As for Barry I am suprised he has resigned as thought he was part of the clan and therefore had the support


  4. By-election in Rotherham East?
    Guess who would be the official Labour candidate?
    Our very own comeback kid and conviction politician Mr. Akhtar, the demographics of the ward give him an advantage and being a profiteering landlord he would walk the contest!


  5. News confirmed

    The Mayor of Rotherham Councillor Barry Dodson has resigned after just over three weeks in the job.

    Councillor Dodson who represents Rotherham east for Labour has been a member of the council since the year 200O.

    He was only installed as the town’s Mayor on the 6th of June at the Council’s annual meeting after the recent local government elections.

    The former soldier and karate instructor who lives in Eastwood is believed to have told his told his party colleagues he was going for ‘personal reasons’


  6. Anything to do with the Phantoms post of the 23rd by any chance?

    “Regional Labour Party investigating
    After complaints were drawn
    Rotherham East Councillor
    Behaving dastardly against
    A sitting cabinet member”

    It’d make sense.


    • Jahnghir already campaining to replace Dodson in East ward.
      His reasons are i have control over asain community and he said he will be holding surgeries at Unity Centre.
      If you cant win in your own ward then no point coming into East Ward.
      If ASBO stands as a councillor for labour party then i will be speaking to Lib dems and Respect party to field a candidate in East ward.


  7. I have been thinking very seriously on this subject and during my cogitations I remembered how the Labour Party ditched the red flag as their theme tune. They have thrashed around for many years attempting to find a new tune, they have tried several different ones at party conferences. I now believe that Rotherham have come up with the answer; the song itself is called “The Parties Over”; it contains the line ” the parties over it’s time to call it a day UKIP have burst your money balloons and taken your seats away”. Sounds rather apt to me.
    Dave Smith


  8. Not sure whether Maggie Clark as deputy Mayor automatically steps into the Mayoral role or whether they have to pick a new one? But when she was our Councillor in the old Rotherham Central ward she was about as much use as a choclolate teapot! her fellow Councillors were Killer Lord Ahmed and Irene (jobs for the boys) Furnell. Caven Vines who was then came into the ward as an Independent was a very welcome breath of fresh and with no party ties did not have to mince his words!


  9. Don’t be silly Maggie will not be moved into mayor roll until next may if she did that would only give her 12 months in the trough and not the full 24 months they will try and put some one who has been mayor before for the remaining term so they don’t starve any one of them of their full 24months in the trough
    Why not use this opportunity of getting rid of the Mayor all to tether and give the savings to keeping children’s centres
    And let each ward councillor do the civic duty in their own wards
    Now that would be a turning point for the better


  10. “Why not use this opportunity of getting rid of the Mayor all to tether and give the savings to keeping children’s centres. And let each ward councillor do the civic duty in their own wards
    Now that would be a turning point for the better.”

    Not a bad idea that Caven. And sell off the town hall (it is but an old court) then conduct all Twon Hall business from ‘The Riverside’ to save money and running costs Though I did send it in to the public consultation and both got ignored.

    SKT xxxx


    • good suggestion Caven- can you raise this formally as opposition leader. I’m surprised UKIP supports removing the role but I’m all for it the scrapping of such a post How much it would save would be questionable unless they flog all the gold etc!


  11. You could provide a number key roles for the cost of the Mayor, his Audi and the junkets, let’s see, return the number of care workers at the last two remaining council run care homes to the levels before the cuts, increase the number of teaching assistants, more social workers to reduce the dangerously high case loads etc.
    It will never happen, to all those snouts in the trough Cllr`s who attended the free Mayor feats and free bar, shame on you all!


  12. Did you miss the fact that Jane Collins has been ordered to pay £15,000 in costs within 21 days regardless of her desperate claim fro immunity from the EU ?

    The judge also imposed a £15 000 costs order on Jane Collins this morning, as an interim payment on account, which she must

    Pay within 21 days


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