Thoughts on Dodson’s Resignation

Mayor resigns due to allegations
Innocent or guilty not proven yet
This is something to ponder on
But there remains a bigger question
Orbiting this situation
Why did the mayor rush into resigning
Usually this situation would prompt a hazard assessment by leadership
The resignation was due to no guidance from leadership
Roger busily away on another jolly
Deputy Leader ill-experienced and incompetent
Could not take control of the situation
No on there to advise the Mayor
On what he should do or assess the situation
Mayor jumps the gun

The question therefore is this to ponder on
UKIP winning the ten seats was not the real victory
But more-so the ripples and shock waves this has sent
Through the Labour Party
Since the election
All strategy and leadership has vanished
The party is in disarray and is heading for another iceberg
Unless someone has the courage to stand up and be counted
Take the reins
Otherwise you all shall suffer

Phantom of the Town Hall

10 thoughts on “Thoughts on Dodson’s Resignation

  1. Good observation. The elections was a result but the real impact seems to be how the result has impacted labour and how its now like a headless chicken. A vote of no confidence might be in order!


  2. There never was any leadership just individual empire building, it is the same situation in microcosm as the Soviet Union; and Labour in Rotherham will go the same way, it will implode. If you look at the Labour councillors in Rotherham there is no one who could take charge who has any credibility. In the same way the national party has no one with any credibility to replace Milliband.
    Dave Smith


  3. was it to do with the Mayor being fetched out of the planning board meeting ??
    Has Roger gone with Mr Stuart to Light up the town he will be a Freeman of ??


  4. david4Dinnington-your ref to soviet union shows your anti anything Left and lack of real politic about why soviet union’scommunism system collapsed. Of course it had nothing to do with the USA luring it into a unwinnable war in Afghanistan and having to spend 17.5% of its GDP on weapons (commonly known as the arms race) just to keep abreast of western arms expenditure. And of course no mention of the USA and Britain costing us all a fortune in its unwinnable war in Afghanistan and Iraq-as an anology for proping up inept councils across the country
    The difference between Soviet in those days and the west is we borrwo on world stage to fund those wars whilst the Soviet union couldn’t.access that type of funding as it was made the pariah state.
    Question you have to ask yourself dave4Dinnington is why you are so anti communism and seem to infer that you accept and love the capitalist exploitative system. Of course another smoke and mirror about the sham of western democracy is that unlike the soviet union which was one of its big failings was to stop free speech and thinking whereas the west gives us free speech and thinking (now portaryed on facebook and Twitter- but then totally ignores what anyone who is against it is saying-clever. But the soviet union also brought in a clamp down on free speech as it did not want its people to be tarnished by the main language of an immoral and corrupt sytem of government as that of a capitalsit system -which is based on gambling -porno and dog eat dog competiveness -which has left millions if not billions in dire poverty. I suppose you hate any ideology that challenges your so beloved corrupt capitalist system-eh!


  5. Playground politics you need to keep taking the tablets, you completely ignore Stalinism and also have the affront to call it communism. If the soviet Union had been a true communist state it would not have needed to borrow money on any stage. Where you get the analysis of my politics from my remarks on the council and Russia imploding seems to pass me by. I am not anti communism I am anti Stalinism you do not seem to be able to differentiate between the two. At least our free speech, however imperfect it is does not include murdering ones opponents, or allowing millions of your own people to starve to death to prove a so called five year economic plan will work. Nice try at justifying the foolish Stalinist theory of communism in one country by foisting on us the myth that it was to protect the people from the corrupt west. It is interesting to see that the Stalinist dogma still lives, if you criticise us you have to be a lover of the evil capitalist system. Stalinist Russia with it’s cult of personality and communism in one country never at any time challenged capitalism, it spent more time and resources believing it had to protect it’s self from it’s own people that is why it collapsed. When you want to have a grown up debate on true Marxist philosophy come back to me , but if you only want to carry on your infantile analysis of what you believe my political position is I suggest you stay in the playground.
    Dave Smith


  6. What confuses me a little with the Mayor Resigning for personal reasons just three weeks after he stood in the council chamber and went on and on about how humble he was to have been given this position of Rotherhams first citizen and how so pleased to take up the challenge.
    He marched through the streets of Rotherham and gave a speech to the people at armed forces day. He seemed very happy with the job then.
    Now less than a week after that he Resignes for personal reasons what could have gone wrong in the five days that followed.
    Why was he fetched out of the Planning Board meeting on Thursday
    I think the people of Rotherham need an explanation.
    Now what will they do will Maggi Clark take up the position But that will mean she only gets 11 Months in the job not the 24months they usualy get to enjoy with 12 months deputy and 12 months as mayor this will be interesting


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