Labour wouldn’t be that stupid, would they?


Labour’s rules, now stipulate, all potential candidates, including sitting Labour Party Councillors, must go through the entire selection process, including examination and interview, before they are admitted to the panel, from which Ward Labour Parties may choose to be their … Continue reading

Seen elsewhere – Lutfur being held to account?


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The Daily Mail has published this today concerning Lutfur Rahman. Makes interesting reading for Rotherham folk, remind you of anyone local?   .

South Yorkshire Police’s Response to Child Sexual Exploitation – Re-visit


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South Yorkshire Police’s response to Child Sexual Exploitation re-visit information now available. Click on images to read in full:   Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary report referred to:    Download your copy here: Careful study will be required before … Continue reading

Dodson’s misplaced bravado?


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One would have thought a little more humility should be on display from Barry Dodson than this, that looks like an arrogant outburst, when their words are presented in print. This weeks Advertiser printed this: Rotherham Politics stands with all … Continue reading

The scale of Labour’s problem?


Nothing quite exemplifies the scale of Labour’s problems in Rotherham, than the list of Labour councillors, whose term of office expires next May. There are some real incompetents, deadbeats and worse, among this bunch. They are also all signed up … Continue reading