Rotherham’s pretend Erdogan?

Turn your attention to the Rotherham LP Group web site and you will find there a few feeds from other sites; the weather, the Police, Ken Wyatt’s…

…..and Akhtar’s twitter feed…surely some mistake, still there more than seven weeks after losing his seat?

In his Twitter profile” Akhtar clearly states that he is “Tweeting in a private capacity, if you don’t like what I say please don’t follow”.NB In a “private capacity”.

Fair enough maybe, but then what on earth was the Labour Group ever thinking when they included his personal twitter feed on their site? Even when a member.

Besides the obvious that he has on occasion been unpleasantly abusive in his twittering, this is clearly an abuse of Party funds, for it is local members through their membership fees and fund raising who pay for the site to promote the official Party.

Seven weeks after he lost his seat they still haven’t removed what was always an abuse of power.

So what does it matter, other than to we ordinary fee paying Party members and the Party’s disciplinary machine?

Well…in a recent Tweet (repeated on the Group web site) Akhtar cited and agreed with one of his heroes, someone he thinks is a role model on how an Islamic party can win power in a democratic country;

Recep Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey is quoted as saying “The term moderate Islam is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

Akhtar adds “Hear hear” …as usual his English is wrong, but you get the gist.

An obvious response in that while there may only be one God there are thousands of Imams who cluster into numerous sects, most of whom seriously dislike each other. Look to Iraq and Syria where the dreadful behaviour of the West gets lost in the pure hatred between Sunni and Shia.

Their differences lie in the fields of doctrine, ritual, law, theology and religious organisation….so on the question of one Islam; pull the other one Erdogan.

More worrying about Erdogan is the way he has used his democratic election to slowly throttle some of the main pillars of democracy in Turkey; the courts, media and the unions when they don’t agree with him.

Erdogan is best known recently for his wicked disrespect of the 400 miners who died in Turkey’s Soma mining disaster. The miner’s families and the unions protested at his government’s earlier rejection of a Bill to enforce safety standards in the mines. His response to the disaster was “these things can happen anywhere.”

When confronted with demonstrators his personal aide kicked a demonstrator being constrained by the Police, while Erdogan himself punched a demonstrator in similar circumstances. He got out the water cannons and violently quelled peaceful protests across the country.

Akhtar has clearly forgotten the mining history of our area and the miners strong commitment to international solidarity between miners.

Local LP members really should ask why the LP Group website ever promoted, and still do, the private tweets of Akhtar . And why they ever had as deputy leader a man who admires and promotes a violent and repressive anti trade unionist such as Erdogan.

A final note. Erdogan is famous for a statement that “Democracy is like a train. We shall get out when we arrive at the station we want.”

Suggesting that having used democracy to gain power, it may quickly be discarded when no longer needed…no wonder Akhtar is a fan


8 thoughts on “Rotherham’s pretend Erdogan?

  1. Watch this space, Akhtar will return, a shoe in (excuse the pun) in one of the safer wards, plans are for him to return ASAP.
    Unless Beck has his way that is!


  2. It really doesn’t surprise me that Akhtars tweets are still being promoted by the Labour party, last week I contacted the Police and Crime Commissioners office to tell them to update their info regarding the Police and Crime Panel as it was out of date. Got an email back to say thanks for spotting it, we’ll sort it out asap. Just had another look and guess what? No Change. According to the PCC website Akhtar is still vice chair of the CPC.


  3. Can we infer from all this Rotherham Labour Party has no shame nor conscience?
    They are in turmoil after losing 10 seats-including Akhtar’s-so they just pretend it never happened. Do they really want Akhtar (Convicted thug) back as a Labour councillor? Who will step forward and own up to “Yes, it was my idea to keep the link on our site to Akhtar’s inane mutterings”?
    Rotherham Labour party has pressed the self destruct button–and it shows.


  4. Actually Colin I reckon they are just a hopeless shower of incompetents who having finally realised how loathed they are, and are turning on each other. The danger of incompetence and lack of leadership is that Akhtar must be thinking there’s is still a role for him. Whatever else you think he understands human weakness and has the files to prove it.
    The reality is that the web site won’t have been changed because his lover remains as head of communications for the Labour Group, so she won’t change it out of loyalty (that loyalty will disappear if he continues to be impotent) and the others wouldn’t recognise a real political issue if it bit them on the bum.


      • Seems like a potential source of disloyalty has just been identified. Business as usual then, for Akhtar and Shabana!
        Surely Labour Group will not put up with this incredible disloyalty for long?
        Time for Labour to hold both to account and to terminate their membership of the party?
        Akhtar always unfairly blamed others for the insider leaks, when he was responsible for them himself. Akhtar has been well and truly found out for the outrageous and duplicitous man he really is.
        If you want to find out more, my advice as always is ‘follow the money’, there is lots of it!


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