Insights from a recent meeting

At a recent Labour meeting

Many heads were troubled

Suspicion and mistrust is everywhere

A vote for a new Mayor was a must

Two names threw themselves into the ring

Councillor Currie of Valley

And ex-Mayor councillor Foden

Foden won 22 votes to 20

And with his big fumbling fingers

He lapped the role back up

Currie of Valley

A hard-working councillor

A true man of Labour

Who puts the public first

All this despite his recent personal challenges

Narrowly beaten to the post

By greedy Foden

The epitome of a ‘fat-cat’

Shame shame shame

Now back to the suspicion and mistrust

Apart from electing the Mayor

One issue dominated the clock

Who is the Phantom?

All down to suspicion



Instead of sorting their party out

They seek out those who

Highlight their problems

And too right they have reason to be suspicious

With Team Lakin severely plotting day and night

Lakin the leader

Beck the henchman

One dagger to Roger’s back

Whilst suffocating Team Ellis

Team Ellis planning to take the initiative

An all-out coup planned before next May

All the while Roger just like Nero

Up in his tower fiddling while Rome burns

Instead of sorting their own house out

They seek to silence the Phantom

For this reason the Phantom

Dedicates a verse to their behaviour

Which you all may know

We all are caught in the middle
of one long treacherous riddle.
Can I trust you?
Should you trust me too?

We shamble on through this hell
taking on more secrets to sell
’til there comes a day
when we sell our souls away.

We seek him here, we seek him there,
Those plotters seek him everywhere!
Is he in the sewer? Is he in the wall?
Where is that damn Phantom of the Town Hall!
He gives the plotters nothing but frustration
Popping in and out each week!
Spoiling every lovely execution
LA! What cheek!

The Phantom of the Town Hall

6 thoughts on “Insights from a recent meeting

  1. I detect a very big split, with two sides emerging, Cllr Foden could only have been made Mayor with Rodgers approval. If Larkin and Beck are going to stab Rodger, they need to keep him close, so that’s the Leader, the Mayor, Lakin and Beck on one side, whilst it seems to be shaping up that Cllr Ellis is becoming the opposition. After his catastrophic collapse in the Deputy Leaders vote, It was interesting to see Cllr Marhoof Hussain sliding up next to Cllr Smith today, I wonder which way he is going to jump. (although with just two votes, of which one was probably his own, I don’t think he will make any difference).
    With two side emerging, they are all going to have to chose which side they are on, Cue meltdown.


  2. If I was Stone or Lakin I would think twice about taking any long distance trips, they may be coming back to a palace coup d` etat!

    Now who would have thought of those two being travelling companions?

    What will Beck be plotting while both of them are away?


  3. Yes very strange family holiday buddies but the big question is who is funding this big buddies we are now holiday and what is realy behind it ??
    but maybe its a relaxing de-stressing break now Akhtar has been knocked off his perch who knows


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