Barry’s fall from grace, not yet complete?

Rotherham Politics has been taking a keen interest in the goings on at the Kazoku Karate Club in Eastwood, involving Barry Dodson, Ian and Ellen McAllister.

One of the strands of the problem, will reach a conclusion, with the sentencing of Ellen McAllister who has admitted her part in attempting to pervert the course of justice. Not ‘small beer’ then, but a serious crime that should be punished most severely.

Ellen’s father Ian has also admitted his guilt for a ‘racially aggravated’ criminal damage charge and we believe is also awaiting sentencing in Rotherham Magistrates Court.

Barry Dodson has surprisingly, not yet charged with any crime. We have no doubt that he should be. As readers learn the full truth, of this sorry tale of the abuse of power, racism, manipulation, corruption, rule bending, malfeasance, misconduct in a public office, dishonest dealing, harassment, bullying, thuggery and worse, they are very likely to agree with us that Dodson is unfit even to remain a councillor.

Time for a by-election in Rotherham East?

19 thoughts on “Barry’s fall from grace, not yet complete?

  1. Very serious allegations indeed! There should be no place on the council for any one who is “proved” to be a thug as well as all the other wrongs you insinuate he is involved in ! If it’s established that he is then he, unlike Akhtar who despite being convicted of thuggery did not have the principles to resign, should,however reluctantly, leave the gravy train and perhaps accompany Asbo taxi driving!


    • My o my i cant believe what i am reading here?
      I have known Barry a long time and cannot believe.
      Alot of people have said that his raciest and as an idiot i always defended him.
      It must be true.
      O well RMBC taxi licensing employ thugs such as Jahnghir Akhtar and now Barry Dodson they both can drive around for Venture Taxis.
      I bet both of these thugs will drive one car and avoid paying any tax and claim low income.
      Both are retards.


  2. What is the most shocking of all this is that both akhtar and Barry the belly hold taxi drivers licences. This enables them to effectively transport children and adults with learning disabilities, vulnerable old age pensioners, disabled people, children at risk, ……….all these are the most vulnerable of our society, I beg to wonder if belly Barry would grant a licence to anyone whom appeared in front of the licensing board with these kind of convictions to there name? Would belly Barry want HIS children or grandchildren transported by someone like this? I THINK NOT, Belly should be stripped of his licence the very moment if and when any of these allegations are proven, in fact I believe Deborah Bragg (licensing dpt manager) has in the past revoked licences at the very mention of allegations being made awaiting investigation. WHY, WHY, WHY is Deborah brag not acting on this? Deborah is another jumped up, pumped up……sorry I meant plumped up, 2 bit I know it all and the power is in my hand. It seems like one rule for one and one rule for another. I ask you Barry belly………IS IT COS I IS BLACK?


      • What with this weekend’s Tiser’s main headline ‘NIGHT – MAYOR’ and the ongoing (and historic) shenanighans by Labour councillors.
        Is it any wonder that ‘Rotherham’ has an established reputation for being a ‘Rotten Borough’ and not least a laughing stock with a national reputation?


  3. I don’t think for one minute that anyone believes the “ill Health” statement. So if something is so worrying that a person has to give up the Mayors role, then why is it not so worrying to give up the role of Councillor. By keeping “stum” it just fuels the fire, and if something does come out, that just hastens the exit.


  4. The tax payers of Rotherham deserve a full explanation to why he has gone and he should be made to pay for the Mayors Ball held at New York Stadium now that wasnt cheap
    No plausable reason for leaving the Job after three weeks then no grand ball at taxpayers expence
    Simples ?


    • Roth is a ghost town already collapsed
      Everything is a waste if time and currupt
      So much pepper corn rent for buildings has led to a collapse of Rotherham


  5. The Rotherham Labour party is going to incredible lengths to hide the true reasons behind Dodson’s sudden resignation from the office of Mayor. Perhaps they have forgotten two of the seven Nolan Principles: Openness and Accountability.
    No surprises there.


  6. The only good people he considers in Eastwood are the ones renting properties from him. He thinks they and the mugs that pays their rent for them are wonderful!


  7. Allegedly he was told if he didn’t resign as mayor his dirty hidden secrets would be published (What ever they are) ??? And by who I wonder ??
    That is what I was told in an anonymous phone call this weekend and his cars were attacked with an axe and the police was called to his address again since these incidents.
    He was fine on the Thursday at the planning board meeting when he was called out then Friday they announced he had resigned for personal reasons.
    This has cost the tax payer money they deserve an explanation
    Also on the grapevine is that Foden is standing aside next May and was given the mayors job again as a little compensation. Cllr Currie lost out this time so my bet is he will be could be deputy next year but then he could loose is seat before becoming Mayor now that would not do would it
    So maybe not he may have to wait to see if he retains his seat oh what a Delma
    I’m so glad I’m a simple thick out of my depth UKIP Councillor who just has to worry about doing what I was elected to do represent the people
    Now I know where I am going wrong I should put up for Mayor I don’t think so


    • “out of your depth” is an adequate description but if you think “simple” and “thick” more accurately describe you then that’s fine. If you want to be able to claim to represent the people then please let’s not have any more tantrum walk-outs.


      • The so called tantrum walkout worked and got the media attention it needed. Rotherham folk will know how the council work and it aint for them so the more this happens it will just show how undemocratic this Labour run council is. Secret meetings no more, answers to questions will get answered and when the truth does come out I hope the Rotherham folk turn on them. As with Dobson the word on the street will get round best thing he can do is resign as Cllr as well but no not yet still got time to throw his weight about intimidating people until he gets unelected in May. This time next year we could see Caven Council Leader watch this space.


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