Panic setting in?

Double double toil and trouble
Something big is on the horizon
The Phantom cannot sleep
With all the hysteria
Heads are spinning
Emergency meeting after emergency meeting
Stone, Lakin and Beck seem to be struck with panic
The Phantom does not know
The exact details of what all the chaos is about
So I shall refrain from giving the hearsay
But news of a break or rupture within
The Labour Party is the theme
Not just a little graze
A break which is large and significant
Lets see how quick the news breaks
The water has just begin to boil

The Phantom

10 thoughts on “Panic setting in?

  1. Hopefully Stone will be arrested for pretending to be “the leader” of his rag tag “red in colour” but not the real labour clan. I should be so lucky Kyle. It might be something to do with the police and belly Dobson. He should stop shaking it in public 😜


  2. There is something obviously happening. Labour has turned into a disorganised talking shop since the election. Thanks to the Phantom and Rothpol for keeping us posted.


  3. RMBC Labour councillors have not recovered from the shock of the electorate rejecting them and their policies in 10 wards.This year’s local elections has shown for probably the first time that the Labour party in Rotherham is not the first political party of choice throughout the Borough.
    Reports from the PoTTH show the Labour party is deeply divided and the bloodletting and blame is starting. Will we end up with two separate Labour factions, Modernisers-v-Traditionalists?
    (aka Clean Noses versus Corrupt) Who knows?
    What we do know is RMBC Labour councillors are breaking their necks to make sure their dirty linen is not washed in public but The Man On The Inside will no doubt keep us up to date on Who Stabbed Whom.
    If the PR wing of the Labour party (aka Hacked Off) had succeeded with their aim of silencing free debate it is doubtful the machinations currently taking place in the Town Hall would ever see the light of day and the Labour party could continue to pretend all is Sweetness and Light in Rotherham.
    You wish.


  4. Bump into any Rotherham Labour Cllr and they are at pains to tell you the grief the party is experiencing following the election success of UKIP.
    The grief is not from abandoning socialist principles to protect the weak and the vulnerable but from the potential loss of their snout in the trough incomes.
    Rotherham Labour is the Yorkshire based Bullingdon Club for failed socialists, Audi limos. Overseas junkets, slap up meals, allowances for doing nothing, the list goes on and on!
    All fully supported by UNITE and UNISON.
    Beck must be relishing the in-fighting to further his aspirations to become leader.
    I will not comment on how the very senior officer cadre are thinking or plotting, that would be like putting a knife into an open wound!


  5. If Beck is ever elected Supreme Leader of the Peoples Soviet in Rotherham then you can expect the same failed management ‘style’ he displayed when he was Chairman of Anston Parish Council. On his watch the number of complaints to J.Collins more than doubled and he just loves doing his Bruce Forsyth impression-”I’m in charge!”. In A Loud Voice.
    I’d hate to be a Labour borough councillor at the moment faced with the choice of electing either Dumb or Dumber.


  6. Here`s a sample of Cllr Beck`s “management style”. Whilst Chairman of Anston Parish Council there was an on going “debate ” with the Public, over the site of a new proposed Cemetery.
    A Member of the Public asked, quite clearly, if the Cemetery was to be in a certain field, and was the purchase of that field any thing to do with it. Cllr Beck made the statement ( I quote) “I can assure you that the purchase of the field has nothing to do with the Cemetery “.
    I was so stunned at his answer I asked him to repeat it again. He did so. I was stunned because over that year (2012), the Parish Council went into “secret session” to discuss this very issue and to discuss the purchase of the field. At almost every meeting, usually chaired by Beck himself, We discussed the new burial site. The local gravedigger was even instructed to dig a “test pit”, and funding was asked for, to drill a bore hole to test the suitability of the land.
    Cllr Beck not only lied to the member of the public once, he did it twice. Is this the type of person we are saying is to be leader, what a joke.
    A little side note to his Lie, he later “censured” me at a meeting stating I had called the Chairman (Beck) a liar, which he then turned into a year long ban to stop me attending any Committee meetings at Anston Parish Council ( he then extended it to another year).
    Well he did lie, Twice, and I was the one punished. There is more to come out about this man, which involves his time whilst he was on the Standards Committee ( notice how he “slipped off” the committee this year, did that have anything to do with my complaints to Mrs Collins that he was being “protected”, surly not.) I cannot wait until the “Investigation” into my so called “alleged allegation” is over, then the real story will come out, of how RMBC Cllrs “stitched me up”. Lets hope Mrs Collins “investigates” these RMBC Cllrs as vigorously as she has investigated me. I am not holding my breath, If nothing happens to my complaints I will go public.


  7. Beck is strutting like a peacock; he firmly believes that he will be the next leader.
    Roger has made it clear that Beck will replace him.
    Keeping the links between that other failed organisation the Chamber is high on Rogers’s list of priorities.
    Note to UKIP spend some time looking at the links between certain Chamber members and RMBC, follow the money!


  8. Quote from bbc…….. “At 18, Dominic Beck has just scooped some impressive A-level results.

    But rather than go straight to university, he has decided to have a go at running his own business.

    “Making money is the aim of the game,” he says candidly.

    His firm is in its early stages, but he plans to offer motivational talks – initially in schools. When the economy picks up, he hopes to find demand in small and medium-sized businesses, too.

    For now, he is trying to get £500 grant from a fund run by UK Steel – set up when the steel industry collapsed in the town.

    “I still do the sort of things other 18-year-olds do, going to the pub, getting drunk,” he admits.

    “But instead of playing pool, I’m talking to the older blokes about business.” … Well he certainly will make himself lots of money if he does what he is told, jumps when told to etc etc …. How is his early stage firm doing ? it must be 4 or 5 years old now. And If he gets his business advice from drunken older blokes ………well now I know why roger the dodger does not make much sense.


    • That piece of Master Beck in his own rite comes from here: – and dated 30 September 2010

      The next public piece of Master Beck’s life story can be found here: – dated 24 January 2011 – less than 4 moths later.
      ” TEENAGER is hoping to inject some youth into politics in Rotherham when he stands for election in May.
      Dominic Beck (18), of Freesia Close, South Anston, will represent Labour in the Wales ward and is hoping to be given a chance to make a change.
      The former Wales High School student is currently studying Business Management at Sheffield Hallam University and working full-time for social care providers Hughes and Hughes Developments.
      Dominic said that he believed his age was an advantage.
      “I’ll be 19 by the election and I am learning every day,” he said. “I think having an elected member as young as me would bring some fresh ideas, approaches and initiatives to any council.”
      Dominic is chairman of South Yorkshire Young Labour, an ambassador for Rotherham Ready and a governor at Anston Park Infants School.”
      1. the firm he was working for, Hughes and Hughes Developments was 50% owned by Mr Darren Hughes – it was finally dissolved earlier this year.

      2. Someone on this blog suggested that Master Beck had a degree from a redbrick university. From the description in the article it seems likely that he was studying for a part-time degree at Hallam, possibly this one: – and it takes 4.5 years to complete, part-time. If he stuck at it he may be graduating sometime this year.
      Hallam is not a redbrick – it’s a post ’92 university – an ex-polytechnic.

      3. His next port of call was probably the Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce, where he has had several different job titles. Anyone know when he started his employment there?

      4. A picture is worth a thousand words:

      I gotta admit that an 18 year old kid who thinks “Making money is the aim of the game,” is an ideal candidate for a Rotherham Labour Councillor.


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