Another great day out in Durham

Had another great day on Saturday at the Durham Miners Gala, 136 years this great event has been going.
It was a glorious day usual fiery speech from the beast of Bolsover Mr Skinner, again no sign of any of the Labour Party leadership.
This year was one of the biggest for a long time and it included the Kellingley lads fighting to save their pit.
This is one of the few events in the country where working class solidarity can still be seen to be demonstrated, we should make it even bigger next year by ordinary people attending for a great family day out.
I defy anyone not to be moved by watching the old pit banners going past and hearing the bands play.
I congratulate the organisers, The Durham Miners Association on keeping this wonderful tradition alive.
One interesting encounter I had was with some Americans who had just arrived in Durham on holiday; they asked me what religious ceremony it was, I told them it was the funeral of the coal mining industry, that is when they started taking photographs.
Dave Smith

2 thoughts on “Another great day out in Durham

  1. More collieries were closed under Wilson’s government than Thatcher’s. Why were there no “lads fighting to save their pit” at that time?


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