Private Eye asks the difficult questions of UKIP

Thanks to our spotter for this piece from Private Eye, Rothpol missed it.

It poses a very important question UKIP must address, if further confidence is to be placed in them at future elections.

PE Brussels


8 thoughts on “Private Eye asks the difficult questions of UKIP

  1. Good money if you can get it – but if it was me I’m more honest and I’d pull my weight. (which is quite a lot actually) Now we know were ‘the locals’ get their ‘no show’ tactic from.


  2. For over forty years our politicians have told us the EU was only about trade and that it could be changed from the inside to suit Britain. It is time to be honest and face the nature of the beast, it was never intended to be anything other than a United States of Europe and we have been lied to. A non-hypocritical option for Eurosceptic MEPs is a form of non-cooperation with “le project” whilst working to destroy it. Private Eye miss this point(intentionally or not) along with most other commentators.
    In the end it is a matter of “horses for courses”, UKIP MEPs are against the parliament they sit in so act accordingly. If elected to Westminster UKIP MPs would sit in a parliament they respect and believe should be the ultimate sovereign body ruling the UK, then attitudes and actions would be very different.


  3. Rob Sanderson is quite right we have been lied to by our politicians for the last 40yrs about what the EU project is really all about. The formation of a United states of europe.This project is like a runaway train headed for disaster,and the only way to stop it is to de-rail it This is ukip’s aim ,not to collaborate with it.We believe a elected British parliment should run Britain, not an unelected German-led.dictatorship in brussels.


  4. And Mr Farage (in the hope he gets elected) wants MP’s to be paid £100,000. He likes his easy money that lad.


    • Ms Collins, Jane MEP,
      Whilst it’s pleasing for you to come on to Rothpol, are you really suggesting that your party’s propaganda Website is somehow superior to Private Eye’s reporting?
      Private Eye has been in existence since 1961 – far longer that UKIP (founded in 1993 I believe) , and it has a enviable reputation for accuracy in its reporting.
      Why not go through the Private Eye piece and document any inaccuracies – I’m sure they’ll publish any needed corrections.
      However, at your invitation, I did visit and have downloaded the two manifestos I found there. I even looked at your Flickr site that your Web site links to – Wow! 11 photographs taken in 2010.
      I really don’t think UKIP have got the hang of Social Media yet have they?


  5. Ms Collins – are you disputing the article was factually incorrect? If so contact Private Eye.

    However,while you are on here, and obviously know UKIP’s policies, what are UKIP’s budgetary proposals to save the Children’s Centres and other services in Rotherham? Further more how do you square UKIP’s proposal to cut 40% off the Council Tax (it was in UKIP’s campaign leaflet) with saving these services. Details please.

    I ask you because your local leader either can’t or won’t answer. A little transparency will be appreciated.

    SKT xxxx


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