Three reasons now, and counting?

Our esteemed Town Clerk is adept at changing argument when the last one is shown to be based on fallacy!

I publish below, each of the three reasons provided to Peter Thirlwall by way of  explanation for his continued banishment from the Town Hall.

Martin Kimber’s advisers need enquiring of, with reference to their competence, if they offer three explanations, at least the first two without benefit of legal justification?

Reason Number One:

Ban from Town Hall

Reason Number Two:

Kimber to PT 18 June 2014 1Kimber to PT 18 June 2014 2

Peter Thirlwall responded thus:

Town Hall Response Page 1. 30.6.14Town Hall Response Page 2. 30.6.14Town Hall Response Page 3. 306.14

Reason Number Three:

Kimber's Letter 14.7.14

There is evidently some moving of the ‘goal posts’ to say the least. What do readers conclude?

Previously on Rotherham Politics:

A case of ‘spot the difference’, maybe?


2 thoughts on “Three reasons now, and counting?

  1. This reader concludes that Kimber, as with all the other overpaid/underworked ‘senior’ management at t’council, is eagerly and enthusiastically fulfilling his lacky obligation to the Party – oh, er, isn’t that the Party that didn’t get the most votes in the May elections?
    Oh dear Martin, all may just not prove true that thou askest of runes.


  2. What a bizzare person is this non l;ocal lacky – Kimber-and the use of old Acts that he cites to do something post 2012 Acts borders rediculaous obfuscation and bfits more on North Korea or Hitler’s Germany -though either may have had Peter shot. Mr Kimber you weave around and obsure by laws and you are not on-Peter is right about your obfuscation on the issue. We do have laws that stop you tin pot dictators who hate to be proven wrong.
    The council has ahistory of ejecting people that ask awakard questions. With regard to the guy somthing like John Linden Party -named Barry ????? -though he asked qustions in the language of 15th and 16th century -which was confusing-Peter asks very relevant (though akward for the Council Leader-which you are a mere lacky to. The soonr that you are gone the better -and if Peter ever gets elected again – I hope he is the one that gives you your p*** off letter.


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