Off to the Orient?

Off they go on the Oriental Express

To a ancient land far and beyond

Visions of China Theme Park

Research is the official given reason

Hard at work they shall be

Not another jolly surely

Those who are going on the discounted jolly

Show this to be a knees up

Roger Stone and his spouse

Paul Lakin and his spouse

John Foden and his spouse

Richard Russell and his spouse

Dominic Beck and his mummy and daddy

They claim to have paid

But the Phantom has seen paperwork

On Roger’s desk that shows the several discounts and subsidies

The smell of fish is in the air

Not all is right with the trip up and beyond

With love from China

Phantom of the Town Hall

25 thoughts on “Off to the Orient?

    • I think this trip needs explanation and if the figures are allegedly correct, why so many going, if it is a political exercise wouldn’t two be enough, and what is this trip going to do for the people of rotherham? Just asking as a citizen of this little town.


  1. So many thanks Phantom of the Town Hali. You shine bright, in the night, of our discontent.
    l – is it a meal in a local restaurant or the full “Otherside of the Chinese Wall” experience?
    They would have been at home in China – fifty or so years ago – but China’s government has moved on since then; but sadly Rotherham’s hasn’t.


  2. I echo rr’s comments about PoTTH.

    Are there any minutes of meetings when this visit was discussed? Who attended the meetings and who authorised the expenditure? Who chose the underlings to accompany the Supreme Leader?
    Secrecy and subterfuge are the bywords for open and honest democracy within RMBC.
    No change there.


  3. You also have to ask if funding is coming from one of the regional organisations that receives funding from RMBC.


  4. Stoney (and his invited Labour cronies and families) who will be indulging in this unnecessary and super indulgent jolly at public expense would do well to remember this when they are knocked off their boxes next year.

    As to ‘Research?’ to justify their snouts in the trough, hasn’t Stoney got it yet that:
    A) Rotherham does NOT need another white elephant theme park only to be bailed out year on with public money and;
    B) China needs no support in making econonic strides into our national and local economies. They are extremely well placed and expertly making huge strides in doing so already.


  5. Thought visions of china was finished years ago. Do so many need to go who is paying for the jolly for the wives and parents, sounds a bit suspect. How can they think of doing that when cuts are being made to vulnerable people.


  6. This is disgusting, people are struggling to make ends meet. The Trippers obviously have no morals and certainly no regard for the hard pressed constituents they are supposed to represent.
    Whilst they will not be, they should be ashamed of themselves.
    NOW – The financing of this trip – Is it legal?
    No doubt the truth will out – No doubt at all!


  7. The advertiser of July 25th 2014 as stated that this trip to China is a PVT Trip. A group of 5 councillors travelled this week to China ,it is a private holiday say the authority. No spouses were mentioned. So I guess that is the end of that.


  8. A private trip, in the words of Jim Royle, my arse!

    Why would individuals know to be stabbing each other in the back voluntarily use their own money to spend quality time together?

    If it was a holiday why is the former Deputy Leader not on the trip?

    A number of the Cllr`s at risk from UKIP and left off the holiday have some very interesting things to say about what is going down.

    Keep digging folks, there is more to this than RMBC are letting on!


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  10. This whole Chinese Theme Park idea has had a wiff of off Foo Yung since its conception. Councillor Stone and his cronies are as bent as a set of busted chop sticks!


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