Gaza meeting video disappears

1240528_658996584113639_2142554155_nMahroof Hussain’s puff facebook blog, proudly posted a video he had made by AK News Mirpur.

For some strange reason, it has disappeared soon after my last post was published?

Readers may be able to give us some of the reasons after viewing it for themselves:



17 thoughts on “Gaza meeting video disappears

  1. Ms Champion knows full well that her seat is vulnerable to UKIP so any opportunity to secure even one vote from a group that would not vote UKIP is a risk worth taking.

    However and there is always a however on this occasion she misjudged the wider political consequences, mixing it with the likes of Hussain and Akhtar is severely career limiting.


  2. Carry on miss chappy. Just waffle On! Trading sanctions by America. Does she not understand that America’s foreign aid pays for Israeli defence? There is a reason that some call the American government the zionist one!


    • An excellant interview bu Sarah at least someone speaks the truth and its a crying shame that the Rotherham Labour party cannot learn from Sarah.
      She needs to be very careful of the snake Mahroof Hussain.
      I see Mobeen Hussain Mahroofs nephew is bowing down to Sarah.
      I will defentily be voting.
      Its a shame the whole meeting was nit shown.
      This edited version was hand picked by Mahroof Hussain.
      I will be voting for you Sarah.
      I would rather have Sir Kevin Barron my MP than moofy hussain.


  3. hussain needs to look at issue’s back home , community cohesion and all that . if sarah got any sense she will see right through the snake …sisssssss.


    • Looks like Mobeen Hussain is recording on his phone.
      After all he has been trained by Azar Afsar and Sajid Bostan recording conversation and editing them to promote themselves.
      BBC could do with someone like Mobeen in there studio.


  4. If these people are so interested in what goes on in other countries .. Why don’t they go over to that country .. get elected in some sort of role .. and then waffle on where maybe just maybe it might make a difference . Yes there is some terrible things happening in this world … but these people have to realize they work for Rotherham constituents and should be putting all of their efforts into making Rotherham a better place to live.


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  6. If Cllr Hussain feels so strongly about Pakistan then I feel as well as many others he should return there for good. But he is obviously after becoming the next MP. He always has is face in to promote himself.


  7. That flag is racist and should be taken down! Well its known as equality, due to England supporters having to take down their flags, when it is England the reside in. Racism cuts both ways!! (EU Law)


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