The scale of Labour’s problem?

Nothing quite exemplifies the scale of Labour’s problems in Rotherham, than the list of Labour councillors, whose term of office expires next May.

There are some real incompetents, deadbeats and worse, among this bunch. They are also all signed up to the corrupt form of Labour, that puts loyalty to Labour Group, above all other considerations, more like Freemasonry, than any form of Labour Party, Rothpol Rik would recognise? This form of Labour has been termed ‘scum Labour’, not without good reason!

Anston & Woodsetts Judy Dalton
Boston Castle Peter Wooton
Brinsworth and Catcliffe Andrew Roddison
Dinnington Jane Havenhand
Hellaby Jenny Andrews
Holderness Lyndsay Pitchley
Hoober Jane Hamilton
Keppel Barry Kaye
Maltby Christine Beaumont
Rawmarsh Neil Hamilton
Rother Vale John Swift
Rotherham East Barry Dodson
Rotherham West John Foden
Silverwood Roger Stone
Swinton John Doyle
Valley Paul Lakin
Wales Dominic Beck
Wath Alex Sangster
Wickersley Chris Read
Wingfield Terry Sharman

There is a huge problem that will need addressing too, the current leadership are all up for re-election or not next May. How many voters will be sorely tempted to punish Labour by voting out those greedy and incompetent Labour oiks in 2015?

It is interesting to note those on this list who are off to China on a jolly, some of the same people who will be asking for votes come next May. Some hope!

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3 thoughts on “The scale of Labour’s problem?

  1. Darren Hughes, the Ex-Tory boy and the current Labour District Party Secretary, needs to decide which side he is on. Will he be loyal to party? Or continue to function as Jahangir’s narc and inside man? Either way he is part of the problem not the solution.


  2. Oh dear the boy wonder Beck might be in for an almighty shock! ! Local man Dennis Flynn came very close to winning Wales ward in May. If it hadn’t been for Jenny Whysall’s personal vote Wales would have been lost to Labour.
    The boy wonder does not have the local to Wales advantage and he’s jollied off to China, Wales people are good at voting for thir own and sticking it to Rotherham. Doesn’t bode well for him I predict.


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