Dodson’s misplaced bravado?

One would have thought a little more humility should be on display from Barry Dodson than this, that looks like an arrogant outburst, when their words are presented in print.

This weeks Advertiser printed this:


Rotherham Politics stands with all victims of child sexual exploitation and want to see justice for the victims.

If there are other victims out there, Rothpol urges them to come forward and report it to the Police so that justice may be done.

Rothpol’s thanks go to our anonymous source of the image.

2 thoughts on “Dodson’s misplaced bravado?

  1. a down right liar and common thief thats been lining his own pockets and nothing else, running a “karate” club with children as the main customer……..WITHOUT CRB checks? how the hell is that right? its been going on for years as his little number……….the victims need to come forward but more important they need to be BELIEVED this time…..will RMBC and the POLICE finally do the job right? DONT HOLD YOUR BREATH!!!!


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