6 thoughts on “UKIP Steal Council Seat In Miliband’s Doncaster on 20% Swing

  1. First of all the by-election took place in Rosie Winterton MP Constituency. Secondly, the difference in votes is equal to 94, and, finally, the rise of Ukip is not consistent in Doncaster! a kind advice? get more info before writing a post.


    • … and Paul Bissett – who won the seat for UKIP, has previously been both a LibDem and Labour Councillor in Doncaster. I bet he used to collect stamps as a kid.


    • Anonymous, are you saying that UKIP ONLY won by 94 votes? If so, in a local election, this is a large margin in this day and age. Our Grald Smith only won by 3 votes and he’s back in the Rotherham cabinet!! That says everything about RMBC Labour Group.




  3. I would question the last comment – ‘people hate Labour’.

    Firstly because hate is a strong word and many misuse it all too often. I find this especially so in Rotherham -and I’m not just talking about politics.

    Secondly because polling puts Labour in the lead nationally in all but the South East. They also have strong polling results in the marginals.

    As for the local elections in May 2015 UKIP may pick up votes – they May not. It depends on six things:
    1 – What people’s minds are focused on (Upcoming General elections change voting intentions) .
    2 – How UKIP actually perform as an opposition locally. Rebellions tend to have a peak unless the ‘rebels’ deliver and achieve actual change and be seen to do so. The jury is out as far as I and many are concerned regarding this..
    3 What the turn out actually is.
    4 – How the focus changes nationally.During the Local and European Elections UKIP – with an emphasis on Europe and negative campaigning had a good run. However, as the General election nears people will be focusing more on their daily life and whether it has improved or not. They may also have a
    ‘national mindest’ Maybe not fair to local politicians – but a tendency at such times. .
    5 – How long can the tactic of ‘criticism without locally based alternative policies’ work for UKIP?
    6 – If UKIP start making local deals with Tories nationally in seats (even in the (South East) voters in Rotherham and similar non Tory places will pick up on that and not like it at all..

    As for local elections and swings – theses vary nationally – UKIP have lost council seats and votes since May. (Parties do – see link below). There is also a swing to Labour in the seats detailed. And that from a high of taking over 50 % of seats in the local elections nationally.. (Something many chose to wrongly ignore)

    As for the general election it will be between Labour and the Conservatives. The UKIP vote will have an effect but from Zero seats to holding power, or the balance of power, I think not.

    Locally, I think Labour will still be the largest party – though UKIP may get a few more seats. Also if Labour do get their act together they will recover. However, again this depends on what the Labour Party does and not UKIP..Another issues will be how UKIP actually perform as an opposition. Soundbites work for a while – but the dillydallying over the Children’s Centres has not impressed where I live. Neither did the ‘walkout’. A case of using that tactic too early in my opinion. . (If they do it again people will begin to question that – indeed many are already


    SKT xxxx

    I hope this post doesn’t come through as ANON again. I have a problem with that. Also with a pop up of ‘belly dancing classes’ appearing only on the RothPol site Looking at the many ANONS maybe it’s a site malfunction? I’m not sure..

    By the way I do not have an interests in ‘belly dancing’; Though my belly does dance involuntary with age for time to time. On that issue – if any one can come up with a wonder cure ( I already eat healthily and exercise) there could be a vote in it.


  4. The problem for UKIP in Rotherham with the walk out is that they have now painted themselves into a corner, because unless they can force a change the 30 minute rule will still apply. This means that at the end of every question time they will have to leave, I think this shows political naivety: which does not bode well for their constituents. Or if it was just a one off they have handed the have handed the initiative back to labour.
    Dave Smith


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