I wonder if anyone else has had the same experience that we in Dinnington have had with the Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation.

By dubious means they grabbed our Miners Welfare and now plan to sell it off for house building.

It is the only piece of recreation land left in Dinnington and Rotherham Borough Council, at the request of CISWO, have included it in their local plan.

We have every intention of fighting this sale. If any one else is or has had this same problem I would like to hear from you.

Dave Smith

6 thoughts on “CISWO Woes!

  1. So the local councillors knew of this at least two years ago when the housing plans were being drawn up! It’s another example of their absolute disregard for the community heritage or people that they are supposed to represent. Labour are committing a slow suicide in Rotherham due to cliques and self serving elites.


  2. At the first consultation the welfare was down as recreation land, at the next consultation because they were going to build extra house the welfare is up for development. But the real point to this is how CISWO since the pits were closed have hoovered up all the miners charities and land. They have even applied to RMBC to pay for the demolition of the welfare building which was built in 1926 from subscriptions of the Dinnington miners.
    Dave Smith


  3. Yes we have had a long running campaign we were given a one year lease be CISWO of our own land then without any discussion or notification they locked us out. The next thing we knew was when we found out at the local plan consultation that they had volunteered to sell our land through the Borough council for housing. We believe that they have done this in other mining communities, or are planning to do this. We feel it is time for all the miners welfare organisations to come together to fight this land and asset grabbing by CISWO.
    Dave Smith


  4. Through my investigations over the last 10 years or so, I believe that CISWO may well be acting outside their Charitable status when dealing with the Miners Welfare buildings and Recreation Grounds. I would most welcome comments from anyone who has had dealings with CISWO over the running of Miners welfare buildings and especially the appointment of Trustees by CISWO to Miners Welfare Charities.
    Any information would be most welcome.


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