Labour wouldn’t be that stupid, would they?

Labour’s rules, now stipulate, all potential candidates, including sitting Labour Party Councillors, must go through the entire selection process, including examination and interview, before they are admitted to the panel, from which Ward Labour Parties may choose to be their Candidate, in next May’s local elections.

This process is an integral part of Labour’s ‘due diligence’, something Rotherham DLP has been spectacularly bad at in the past.

The most important questions of all, concerns the ability of the applicant to bring the Labour Party into disrepute, if they were to be a candidate for Labour if selected?

There is one potential candidate, that has already brought such embarrassment and brought the Labour Party into disrepute. Even most members, are left scratching their heads, at the fact that he is still a member!

I write of our esteemed, not! The Ex-Councillor, Ex-Deputy Leader & Ex-Leader Designate – Mr Jahangir Akhtar.

Jahangir Akhtar, who’s antics and catalogue of wrongdoing, to be found documented on Rotherham Politics and still far from complete, would indeed be a long one.

He was single handedly responsible for the catastrophic loss of support at this May’s local elections with UKIP winning the popular vote, pushing Labour into second place across the Borough!

With Akhtars role in the ‘Jessica’ hand over exposed by Andrew Norfolk of the Times, being the subject of both the Alexis Jay enquiry and litigation, where his role will be explored in depth, together with any resultant Police investigations.

It will be quite some time therefore, before this ‘toxic politician’, could possibly be a representative for Labour!

If Labour are determined to put Jahangir Akhtar on the approved panel, I believe he will lose any seat he was selected for and a good few others in the Borough too, including the seats of Roger Stone, Paul Lakin and Dominic Beck just for starters.

12 thoughts on “Labour wouldn’t be that stupid, would they?

  1. Labour is using a democratic and open process of selection which allows any members on panel to be selected. members vote to elect the candidate.
    Said that, how ukip select his candidates? Can we know that? some ukip cllrs and candidates are ex-tory, ex-bnp, ex-labour, etc. So according to which principles ukip candidates are selected?


    • This post is not about UKIP, please refrain from diversionary tactics, they will be discouraged.
      Ample opportunity will be afforded to hold all political parties, active electorally in Rotherham, to account.
      Should you or any reader wish for their favourite subject to appear on here then just drop Rothpol an email with it!


      • I often read your blog and I have never seen a post in favour of Labour ( and I can understand why). In Rotherham we all know that everything is around Labour vs. UKIP. that’s why I was questioning about Ukip selection process as you have frequently focused your attendion on the Labour’s one. I am just a normal resident and as many others, we would like to see the facts exposed for what they are ON BOTH POLITICAL SIDES. that’s all, no tactics at all….I am a normal ( but not stupid!) person. I am not writing you an email just because I think it’s better if people who read this blog can see what others think. Cheers!


  2. This is a diligent process. I just sincerely hope that those who are doing judging have no bias towards sitting councillors and acknowledge the dead wood there currently is. Serve us up some decent candidates. Next please!!!!


  3. It would be useful to know what the selection criteria are.
    ‘ability of the applicant to bring the Labour Party into disrepute’ is a meaningless phrase unless it is defined eg: disrepute. n. bad repute; disfavour. Or- disrepute. n. discredit, shame, disgrace, unpopularity, ignominy, dishonour, infamy, disfavour, ill repute, obloquy,( Abusively detractive language or utterance;defamatory or censorious statements, esp when directed against one person, disgrace brought about by public abuse).
    Based on all the above Beck of Wales and St.John of Dinnington would immediately be disqualified as suitable candidates for the Labour party. I doubt the selection panel will be concerned by the behaviour of these two councillors because they are protected by our esteemed Monitoring Officer.


  4. I have a list of questions that the Labour party will be asking their sitting candidates and when I have a bit more time I will put them on. But one question really stands out and it is to the chief whip, “has the sitting councillor followed the party line and have they followed the whips instructions”? I think this shows that these people do not represent the people of Rotherham but only serve the party; that is why there is never a dissenting voice at council meetings coming from the Labour councillors.
    Dave Smith


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  6. Given that the odious Akhtar was given a 130 hrs Community Service Order at Hull Magistrates Court in 2002 for his involvement in a drink fuelled brawl in Rotherham whilst a Councillor. I am baffled as to how he remained in office for so long.


  7. Criminal record and still a councillor.
    Thuggish behaviour promoted by labour as you can still carry on in office after that.
    Bravo Labour.


  8. Just to put the record straight UKIP have no ex BNP EDL in the party unless they lied on their application form and if found they did they Wouk be expelled from the party
    I can also confirm that no UKIP candidate in Rotherham is a ex BNP EDL member or Ex Labour Councillor and none gave a criminal record


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