Rotherham LP: a Suicide Note

Akhtar has no pride. At the last Rotherham Constituency LP he stood for and was elected Deputy Chairman (Campaigning) with responsibility for coordinating next years election push.

Ok, you may think until you realise that he was the only candidate.

Even then he only got eight votes, while eight others voted to defer a vote until efforts were made to find a female candidate to ensure gender balance within the CLP Executive. A Party rule.
It was also pointed out that the CLP Secretary (Dazza the former Tory) and Chairman (Mahroof) had failed to inform the Wards of the forthcoming election, thereby breaking Party rules, which insist that all Wards be notified and then given time and opportunity to nominate Candidates. 
So there we are, his mates seriously bend the rules to ensure he’s in a one horse race, and still he can’t get a majority. Instead he is dependent on the casting vote of Mahroof, as Chairman who ironically  hates him more than anyone, but is tied by biraderi clan loyalties.
Here again the ethics of meetings and selection are broken. The protocol for Chairman rulings is that in the case of a draw, the Chair should rule in the favour of status quo, in this case no appointment and deferral to provide opportunity for the ‘gender balance’ rule to be met.
If nothing else Akhtar is lucky. Those who were committed to voting against him  say that another five votes against would have been cast if the meeting hadn’t at the last minute been changed from the normal Thursday to the following Friday.
So the local LP have a Campaign Manager who can’t get a majority in his own party, for a post that nobody else wanted. Pride, what pride? Akhtar aren’t you getting the message?
But it gets worse for Labour.

Akhtar is now the blessed Sarah’s Election Agent. Oh dear. 

I’ve always thought she will be reelected in 2015, but now I fear the odds will be seriously reduced. What she gains from the now rapidly splintering Kashmiri voters will be more than lost from the many who do not want an MP associated with a convicted violent offender and tainted by allegations about his role in a Child Sex Perpetrator going free.
Already a rudimentary assessment suggests that approximately 30% of the ever diminishing LP membership will not campaign for her, because of the way they were ridden roughshod over in the selection process that chose her.
Akhtar as agent can lose her another 40%, who will now be relaxing in May 2015, rather than delivering leaflets. Or maybe going over to Sheffield to fight Nick Clegg.
The other element is that recent efforts by Mahroof to build his own image by getting Sarah to meet with his chums to discuss Gaza appear to have backfired. Many Muslims hadn’t realised that Sarah has Jewish forbears (albeit we don’t know whether she is practising). Now they do. To coin that other master of farce Frankie Howard……Ooh errr Missis
Wil Ewart

25 thoughts on “Rotherham LP: a Suicide Note

  1. With one Tory defector running the shop and another defeated Ex Cllr ( with a possible dubious back ground) running the Election Campaign, that smacks of total meltdown and desperation. If you wrote a book about the antics of RMBC, with this story line, no one would believe it


  2. Quote from Wil:
    “: The other element is that recent efforts by Mahroof to build his own image by getting Sarah to meet with his chums to discuss Gaza appear to have backfired. Many Muslims hadn’t realised that Sarah has Jewish forbears (albeit we don’t know whether she is practising). Now they do. To coin that other master of farce Frankie Howard……Ooh errr Missis”
    Sorry Will if the Muslim voters, or any section of society, have prejudices regarding any candidate of any party having Jewish forebears or being a practicing Jew that is to their shame- shame on them.
    It should matter not a jot and I (as someone with Jewish forebears – though non practicing ) find your attitude, and the alleged attitudes within the Asian community you highlight, as totally shameful. Shameful bigotry is shameful bigotry whatever ‘so called’ dogma it hides behind. How low can you sink!


    • For me being Jew or indeed of another faith is not problem but being a ZIONIST and agent of TEL AVIV ( supporter ) of Zionist and terrorist state of Israel is,like McShane was. Our MP is elected to represent us the people of Rotherham and our Town in Westminister and not Zionists Israel like it has been for previously for over 10 years.


      • Being Jewish (practising or non practising) absolutely should not count against any politician.
        The issue I am referring to is a question of real politics, not morality.
        Abdul R clearly states, and I absolutely believe that he judges politician by their actions, not their religious belief.
        However Abdul, I do ask you to come clean, I live within the Muslim Community in that I have family of Kashmiri. origin and speak and deal with many local Kashmiri as work colleague and simply using services provided in my the community. I have been to several Muslim weddings as a guest and have launched several projects that have sought to encourage Muslim entrepreneurs.Through this I know that all too often many Kashmiri presume that all Jews are pro Israel and anti Palestine.
        For an example you only have to look to Akhtars close friend Nazir Ahmed, who has been caught making anti-Semitic statements on two occasions, and even sponsored an invitation for a well known holocaust denier to speak in a meeting room. The last time he admitted it in the Huffington Post –
        Naz is often referred to as Akhtars brainier partner, and a man who would never have been caught out making anti-semitic statements unless he thought they played well to a Muslim audience. He is a role model and a leader within the Muslim community


      • Wi as far my understanding re Jews in general are that they were probably regarded as you have stated by the majority of Kashmiris until recently. This was probably due to the lack of information of the the Jews community and all Jews were seen as pro Israelis. In recently passed the Kashmiri community as well other communities are becoming more informed between the difference in the Zionist and Jews. We have witnessed several Jews stand by the Muslims in demonstration against the evil act of the terrorist Zionist state. I think in future we will see more and more co operation between the Jews, Christians and Muslims as they will understand mor and more of the conspiracies of the Fagans and Zionists and their aims and views of trying to control the world. I hope that I have answered you adequately.
        Ofcourse being Jewish should not count against any politician but politicians should be doing their job for they have been elected to do. They should be loyal to their constituents and not to NEW York or TEL aviv. They should be working to improve and Impower their towns and their constituents and not to provide aid to terrorist states like Israel to kill millions of innocent people and demolished their home and take their land.
        As far as our mp is concerned I am of the view that majority of the Muslim community will not vote for her. To get Muslims vote she has to denounce the terrorist act of the Zionist state in strongest form and ask the British government to stop aid to Israel. I can not see her doing this


  3. A canny move by UKIP to target Rotherham in the next GE.
    UKIP must be rubbing their hands at the news that a conviction politician is behind the Champion campaign.
    Having lost all those Cllr`s to UKIP you would have thought that the CLP would have learned the lessons, clearly not, bring it on!
    A good article in the Tiser showing Cllr Vine`s work to save a crucial bus route in Rotherham, when was the last time you saw a Labour Cllr doing the same, saving a service and not cutting services to the public?
    Keep up the good work UKIP!


  4. Akhtar and Maroof did not even new the rules and regulation of their own centre, Unity Place, with which they have associated for a long time. In a gathering there both Maroof, Akhtar, Lord Ahmed etc. were campaigning for Labour Party against the rules and regulations of the centre. When I told them that they are breaking the rules of the centre they threaten me that they were going to call the police and remove me. It took another criminal MC Shane to stop them campaigning as he must have realised that rules were being broken. Sarah will lose with these two in charge of the campaign. UKIP must be very very happy at this appointment, however illegal it may be as per Labour’s rules and regulations


  5. The Labour election leaflet will be a hoot.
    Printed at the bottom of the leaflet in all its glory: Election Agent. Jahangir Akhtar.
    This could run and run………………………………


  6. Sarah Champion has delivered herself into the hands of her implacable foes!
    Mahroof intends to replace her, when she faces the inevitable re-selection battle before the GE set for 2020?
    A narrow victory, would suit both Akhtar and Hussain’s cause. Helped by Darren Hughes, they look set fair to achieve that easily.
    Labour have completely failed to learn any lessons from May’s local elections and seem quite content to sleep walk into another electoral disaster, very much of their own making.
    The Labour Party must deal with Akhtar, Mahroof, their thugs and acolytes, they are entrists with no loyalty to party only themselves! Special measures anyone?


    • I think Sarah has little to worry about the GE in 2020 as Akhtar and Hussain will be so unpopular by then especially if they carry on as they have in recent passed. People who do not understands and float rules and regulation normally have limited life. Sarah too I think lose in 2015.


      • So, Mr Abdul Razaq,
        you think Ms Champion will lose the Rotherham seat in 2015, and you also think that she will have nothing to worry about in 2020.
        Presumably that is because she will have been elected in a byelection in a more deserving-of-her-ability constituency by then?


  7. Sorry Will / Rik / whoever,

    I just refuse to accept the way you worded your post re Sarah Champions’ religion was meant as a political observation. I would complain if you had used any religion in such a way.

    If there is an issue with someone being of any religion in any community that community (or individual) needs to address their ingrained bigotry and grow up.

    Using such phraseology is the tactic of the EDL and BNP and I for one (even if I am the only one) will not let such comments go by without redress. There was no need to use and so allegedly comically (Frankie Howard reference). I found that most revealing, and still do, shameful.

    I feel also the poster .Anon who claims the Asians have taken over the Labour party should concentrate on the failing, strengths or otherwise of the individuals concerned. Their race is not an issue. Unless they think race is an issue. In which case I castigate them too for their tactics and ignorance.

    At the time of the CSE scandal (still ongoing) I refused to take anyone seriously who claimed all Muslims are groomers. That was a scandalous tactic in itself, and a slur on all the decent Muslim citizens in Rotherham and beyond; and one based on prejudice and hatred. .

    There is enough hatred in Rotherham already (and on this site) without opening another avenue of community division. The term ‘Beware the box you open Pandora’ comes to mind.

    In addition this theme (Ms Champion’s religion or religious heritage) was contained in the threads on Gaza on this site. Not a coincidence I think. . Its shames all who use it and devalues the site and debates.

    Finally, it should be recalled not all who read this site comment.. Do we really want them to form the opinion that within this little site ethnic and religious backgrounds are acceptable targets for derision and slurs? I personally think not. And I think most (outside this site) think so too.

    SKT xxxx


    • For Rothpol, religion has no part to play in the secular world of practical politics. A matter of private conscience, not therefore a matter for debate on this blog.


  8. SKT……as I wrote that piece hundreds of people, many women and children were dying in Gaza because a ruthless incursion by Israel that failed to differentiate between combatants and civilians. I don’t need lectures based upon your sensitivities as if you have a monopoly on righteousness, I am well aware of the carnage and being wrought because of religious difference.

    Religion is often politics and vice versa. Ask any Muslim, they will tell you that life is whole, dedicated to God, and politics cannot be separated and compartmentalised as separate from Islam. Ask Abdul, and he will have admit that Sarah possibly being of Jewish extraction, like or loathe it, is a political as well as a moral issue.

    Look to the background to this story and you will see that it was Sarah and Mahroof that set up a meeting targeted at only one group, Mahroofs friends within the Muslim community. Not the poor, underprivileged and Ill represented Muslims, but the fat cat ones who Mahroof wants to impress. Did you note that other than Sarah there wasn’t a woman to be seen? Did you ask why?

    Now I don’ care about Sarah meeting with Mahroofs mates, save that there are many more like me who would like to express their anti Israeli and pro Palestinian views: but we weren’t invited. Even then, Sarah makes her choices, and I respect them as part of the Political process.

    But be of no doubt, Sarah will be well aware of the mixing of religion and politics, the good and the bad of it.

    Did you note that Mahroof immediately posted a video of the event on the site of a Mirpuri political party? Certainly he was happy to make ethnic political event. Again, that’s his choice.

    So what are you saying SKT….Sarah And Mahroof can politicise race and religion, but not me…?

    The Frankie Howard joke. Really SKT…have you never heard of the Marxist point “history repeats itself, first it comes as tragedy, then as farce.” Have you never heard of satire, or do you not look at political cartoon? Can you think of anything more farcical than Rotherham LP.

    Lastly. Pleas criticise me, my articles and demeanour: that is democracy, but please read each article individually and comment upon. If you go back and re read mine you may realise that part of its function was as an expose of anti semitism, as against ant Israeli policy.

    SKT, your last piece was beneath you.



  9. Quote – “For Rothpol, religion has no part to play in the secular world of practical politics. A matter of private conscience, not therefore a matter for debate on this blog.

    Thanks for that RIx xxxx

    Will what I am saying is no one should use religion as a political tool. See for Gaza see my post on the thread re this. it restates this belief with passion; a passion I hold dearly and will never step back from.

    As for the ‘Marxist Comedy Effect’ Will, I am not a Marxist – it’s not my bent – and I have no connections with the Rotherham Labour Party – or any party for that matter.I never will do so. But I do disagree with people using religion as a political tool in any way – whoever that may be. I also still disagree with the way you used this statement

    ‘ “Many Muslims hadn’t realised that Sarah has Jewish forbears (albeit we don’t know whether she is practising). Now they do. To coin that other master of farce Frankie Howard……Ooh errr Missis.”

    Personally I found it was not only unnecessary to drag this out as an issue (And if it is it the bigoted people with this attitude that have the problem) but also ruined what I found to be an enlightening post.

    Wil – as you rightly say – history can repeat itself – and I for one (considering my heritage) don’t want to see religious bigotry or differences leading to conflict of any kind ever. Simple as that.

    SKT xxxx


  10. Unfortunately, bigots and racists have one vote, same as everyone else. I repeat like it or loath it it is political and worthy of consideration in a political blog.

    Are issues not better confronted?



  11. Wil,
    In your blog article above, you say: “Many Muslims hadn’t realised that Sarah has Jewish forebears (albeit we don’t know whether she is practising)”.

    I am aware that she has Chinese forbearers as you call them – I think it was one of her grannies that came from China, but ….
    Where does this idea that she is part-Jewish come from?
    I’ve listened to that not-even-amateur video of the meeting several times now (I captured it for this blog – as Rothpol can confirm) but either I am completely deaf or it isn’t even hinted at there.
    – and it’s sound quality is rubbish – as is the editing.


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