Sarah Champion taken advantage of again?

Jahangir certainly kept that quiet:

Ed at Eid 01_08_2014

Yet another example of Sarah Champion being taken in and used by a local politician, for their advantage. On this occasion it was Jahangir Akhtar. Mind you Sarah appears willing to attend the opening of an envelope if there is a photo-op?

Disgraced and booted out by his own voters, this man will stop at nothing to ingratiate himself with the Labour Leader, what a coup! Bet he was on his best behaviour and his full-on oleaginous self. Snared Sarah and he got Ed Miliband too.

Wonder what Ed Miliband would make of his intemperate outbursts of vituperation and character assassination, together with his frequent anti-Semitic references, aimed at the person of Ed Miliband and Sarah too, when in other company?

Akhtar has succeeded in duping them both!

Little wonder then that Rotherham’s voters have finally twigged how greedy, corrupt and self serving  Akhtar and his cronies are?

Click on image to read Ed Miliband’s speech:

image 01

See: Labour wouldn’t be that stupid, would they?

10 thoughts on “Sarah Champion taken advantage of again?

  1. A while back at Apna Restaurant Akhtar made a speech about when he so called temporary resigned as depudy leader (if memorary is correct it was posted on Rothpol.
    He quoted “i have been making telephone calls to Edd Miliband and his refusing to talk to me”.
    And now his all over Edd.
    If he was that proud of Edd how come his got nothing on facebook and twitter?
    Sarah please who you kidding 900 people?
    Does Orient express have public insurance to cover for 900 people.


  2. Is Sarah Champion really so ignorant about Akhtar’s misdemeanors and his criminal conviction? Did Rotherham CLP not inform her at any time about this disreputable man? Ah, I forgot there is a GE next year so it must be a case of all is forgiven, you are required to help to spread the message.
    You could’nt make it up.


  3. Taken advantage of? Oh come on many politicians have photos taken with all sorts of people. It happens in politics.

    Take the local UKIP leader. When he was an in Council Watch (or was it just after) he was seen with Nick Griffin and Marlene Guest. Now surely no one is going to say Caven was once in the BNP are they? Personally I think that would be an outrageous suggestion.

    Further more Caven was photographed with Labour councilors in ‘The Advertiser’ this week in relation to bus services in Rawmarsh. Does that make him a Labour mole? Possibly not.

    By the way well done to ALL THE COUNCILLORS (including Caven) who helped save the service. I don’t live there but my youngest daughter does. Now if only we we could have more of this cross party cooperation who knows .what would happen with the Children’s Centres?.

    SKT xxxx


    • UKIP did work with labour on the children’s centre campaign- they sat by and did nothing! They didn’t “call it in” like the broadband thing so are complicit in their closure by not putting up an effective opposition. Maybe Cavan Vines wasn’t bothered cos his one at Rawmarsh wasn’t going to close?! I may be wrong but UKIP missed an open goal on this one when they sat on their hands and let Labour implement the Con-Dem cuts.


      • @Philip Jeffries.
        “UKIP missed an open goal on this one when they sat on their hands”
        I suppose the fact UKIP are outnumbered 5-1 by Labour is’nt a factor in your analysis?
        Let me turn your argument round; Dinnington elected a UKIP councillor. Anston elected a Labour councillor. Dinnington Children’s Centre is staying open. Anston Children’s Centre is being closed.
        Who sat on their hands when this happened?


  4. Colin, UKIP sat on their hands by not calling in the decision to close children’s centres. Caven Vines said in last week’s Advertiser that it would have been a waste of time (so they sat on their hands). UKIP has called in the decision re the South Yorkshire superfast broadband scheme so they don’t seem to think that’s a waste of time. What’s the difference? I suspect the real reason they didn’t call in the children’s centres is that they agreed with the closures.


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