Macshane – Profits from jail

Denis Macshane looks set to profit from his jail time with the publication of his latest book, Prison Diaries:

prison diaries.








Daily Mail covers this major literary event with this:

MacSHAMED – The diary of a jailed MP

Yorkshire Post:

I was locked up with gangsters and killers says shamed ex-MP

6 thoughts on “Macshane – Profits from jail

  1. I won’t be buying it or reading it. I know the theme of ‘the story’ already – Mac the Pocket ‘half inched’ a lot of ‘dosh’. He then ‘stashed it away’ until the ‘Rozzers nabbed him’. I also know the ending – he rightly got ‘banged away in the slammer’.

    Personally I don’t read books by criminals released from ‘stir’- the simple reason is they shouldn’t profit from a ‘stretch inside’.

    Saying that I am all for rehabilitation and I hope he finds a suitable and personally rewarding career away from politics. Making cushions, working in a kitchen or maybe a seat in The House of Lords maybe.

    However, regarding Mr McShane’s opinion that not enough MP’s were punished similarly I actually agree. And I would add a few hundred ‘dodgy’ bankers should now be ‘eating porridge’ too.

    SKT xxxx

    PS: the ‘lag’ term used within this post are courtesy of watching Ronnie Barker’s excellent (in my humble opinion) TV series ‘Porridge’ I would like to state. I have no personal experience of being ‘locked up’ in Slade Prison, or any prison for that matter, I have seen Slade though (Showing my age there)

    However, I must declare I have been told off by my Mom and Dad several times throughout my life – a practice that still persist despite me being a girl that is way too old to call herself a girl. My main crime, according to my Mom, is ‘becoming so disreputable a lately you post on RothPol.” .Although she does balance this with, “At least you say what you believe Sally.”

    Guilty as charged ‘guv’,..


  2. He seems a little jealous of ex friend and fellow ‘socialist’ financial gains;

    “My neighbouring Rotherham MP Kevin Barron talked openly about buying a ritzy flat using this system and, when he sold it, the Daily Telegraph and The Guardian reported he made nearly £500,000 in profit. All this was perfectly within the rules, and he should know. He is the chairman of the Commons Standards and Privileges Committee.”

    He also mentions Mr Barron employing family as staff to top up the household coffers. I wouldn’t buy this book on principle but let’s not forget he isn’t the only trougher around these parts.


  3. Ex cons should not be allowed to profit from their punishment IMHO. Any and all proceeds from this book should be paid to charities concerned with the rehabilitation of offenders or taxed at 85%.
    Simple choice for anyone with an ounce of humility.


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