What I Really Think of the Rotherham Tiser…

Omar’s critique of the Advertiser in his own inimitable style, well worth a read. Personally uncomfortable with comments that are kind to Rothpol, but thanks anyway.

3 thoughts on “What I Really Think of the Rotherham Tiser…

  1. I think I would have been alarmed if I had heard you say that Omar. Humanity has many hues and not all can be dismissed so nastily. It’s so not like you. Honest it isn’t.

    However, as for your question ‘what is the ‘Tiser for? Reporting the news freely without interference whether I or you or anyone disagrees with them. Simples. I am really ‘big’ on the press being free; long may it be so. (And this from a girl who was once slandered by the Daily Mail for three whole days big time. (Although I take that as a compliment)

    Politically I think the ‘Tiser should hold to account ALL politicians of ALL hues via news stories. It shoudl also encourage it’s readers to comment. Nothing more nothing less. Indeed I have written a letter re this issue to The ‘Tizer this week. It may or may get printed, even edited as they sometimes do. However, my views on this fine publication won’t change it doesn’t.

    As for The Sheffield Star It has had and still does have many fine journalist and national award winners. Personally I think It’s sad for instance that Colin Dury is leaving; but he is going on to bigger things, and rightly so. As been the Star tradition for many years.

    Actually I prefer The Star. Firstly because it has a more varied content and is less patronizing than many local newspapers (The Advertiser is excluded from this comment). Secondly, it takes on broader views concerning South Yorkshire and the regions. Thirdly,it keeps me in touch with events back home – which in my case is Sheffield. And lastly – but most importantly – because it has lots of articles about Sheffield Wednesday in it – my first and true love. ‘Consilletto et Animis’ as we say in Sheffield 6.

    Ich Binein Deedar.

    Sally Kate Taylor.




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