Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham Annual Report 2013-14

Thanks to our source this item which will now not be going unnoticed.

Particular attention is drawn to:

Page 22 of 24

Operation Clover – Ongoing. This is a joint investigation linked to a story in the Times and allegations of abuse from 1994 to 2005.

CSE Report 07_08_2014


7 thoughts on “Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham Annual Report 2013-14

    • @rr
      The open meeting was filmed but when Agenda item 16 was reached-‘Exclusion of the Press and Public’-we had to leave. It is also worth mentioning the UKIP councillors were also made to leave at the same time because they are not Cabinet members. Cllr.Vines queried this but Stone insisted they must leave the public session. Interestingly after the May elections the number of Cabinet posts was reduced from ten to eight thereby excluding UKIP councillors from Cabinet posts but that did not stop the Boy Blunder from being elected as a Cabinet member.

      Back on topic: Thanks to the vigilance of the source who supplied ‘rothpol’ with this document it is clear Kimber and Stone have tried to bury this report. In the interests of open democracy it would be better for everyone concerned if the report was published as a public document so the residents of this borough can see how the inquiry is progressing and what efforts are being made to bring charges against the persons involved in these crimes. Sensitive information can be redacted before publication therefore PCC Wright, Kimber and Stone have no excuses not to bring this report to the attention of a wider audience.
      This ongoing inquiry is funded from the public purse and as a ‘stakeholder’ I’d really like to know if I’m getting value for my money.


  1. A Report to Cabinet of 18 Sept 2013 had also included a reference to Operation Clover’s link to the Times newspaper story in section ii) Current live operations.
    I found this recent minute worth a read:
    Ms Joyce Thacker’s attitude comes over so well.
    As does the potential for problems with elective home schooling.


  2. At the council meeting on Thursday Thacker was rabbiting on about the Priority Schools Building Programme -Phase 2-and when Deputy Supreme Leader Stone asked her about the full report for Phase 1 (which apparently has not yet been delivered in full) she went into full Waffle Mode. Thacker is among a select band of people who can talk all day and say nothing especially her inability to apologise in full for the crass and insensitive way she snatched three children from their foster parents.
    More importantly why was she not suspended (without pay) until the CSE inquiry is completed? In 2011 detected cases of abuse rose by 16%, Thacker said this was “down to an improved public awareness of the problem” and South Yorkshire Police said it was working with partners to make “continued improvements to how we recognise and deal with child sexual exploitation in all its forms”.
    If you believe that I refer you to the answer given in Arkle-v-Pressdram. 1971

    There is a strong argument to support the thesis she is another politician in bed with politicised Plod while politically correct Council Commissars check the innocent for signs of revisionist deviance. The person in charge’s main priority is to cover her backside while paedophile rings hide behind cultural protection.

    With thanks to ‘the tap’ for some of the wording.


    • You may indeed ‘thank tap’ for some of the wording. Best and most penetrating analysis on this dreadful situation, that I have read. And there has been plenty.
      The truth of it shines but in vain I fear. The “lessons will be learned” brigade will carry on as before


  3. Re Phase one, The Chairman, Rodger the Dodger, actually asked the Cabinet Member who is in charge of the Schools projects, Cllr Rushforth, for an update. She was dumbstruck. She had to ask Thacker to get her out of trouble. So now we have a Cabinet Member who is in charge of School Projects, who clearly has not got a clue of what is going on. You would have thought when she landed the new job, with its massive pay rise, that she might have actually read up on what had gone previously. There again its not knowing the job, its the pay rise that counts


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