Dan Hodges tips Rachael Reeves as Labour Leader!

Has Dan Hodges called it right? Labour are in need of a new Leader, that’s for certain, but Rachael Reeves, surely not!

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Dan on rachael revees09_08_2014 , 18_55_52

12 thoughts on “Dan Hodges tips Rachael Reeves as Labour Leader!

  1. ” Labour are in need of a new Leader, that’s for certain” sez “unbiased” political commentator Rothpol.
    Dan Hodges wouldn’t be on the payroll of the Telegraph if he ever got anything right.


  2. My own view is that Rachael Reeves is highly intelligent and competent as manister but without the imagination and vision to lead a political party – a good future Chancellor of the Exchequer though or running the IMF.


    • You have put your finger on the problem, the country faces, that of a Parliament stuffed full of time served apparatchiks, Miliband included!
      If he can’t control his party properly? What about his ability to run the Country?


    • The thought of a Labour politician once more in charge of the nation’s finances-enough to make you break out into a cold sweat.


      • By that i deduce that hou must be a part of the blue rinse brigade.

        If tories get in they will kil off the nhs and no doubt cobdemm 1000s to homelessness, squalour or a new wave of work houses where more work transfers to insecure agencies with hire and fire.


  3. I don’t get it. On one thread a contributor is told by Rik to not discuss national and General Elections issue and that they are trying his patience. (The question re UKIP’s proposals on Grammar Schools) Then Rik pops up a Torygraph thread on national issues that have no connection locally. No consistency at all.

    Come on Rik – we have schools in Rotherham (amazing that statement – och I didna knoooz). The people of Rotherham and nationally have a right to know UKIP’s policy on schools and grammar schools. Then it’s up to them to decide what they think of it. Nothing more nothing less.

    Let’s be honest about debat. Jayne Collins came on this site on another thread for UKIP to try and divert discussion on a Private Eye report away from her party. When she did that it showed that she didn’t want anyone to highlight UKIPS grey areas. It also indicated that she thought RothPol was simply ‘an owned’ vehicle for UKIP. Nothing more nothing less. Well it isn’t. (Or is it?)

    I know UKIP have refused to answer questions regarding the alternatives to closing the Children’s Centre’s but it’s not democratic that we can’t question them on issues on here anymore (It seems) .In fact if that is the site policy then it will simply become a UKIP Politics. And be known as that. Open debate or no debate? I choose the former. Even when people disagree with me. It’s called democracy.

    The NHS for instance isn’t national issue. (We have a hospital here – how amazing) ) In my opinion teh NHS isn’t safe with the .ConDems. And it also certainly isn’t safe with UKIP and their disappearing web links regarding ‘opening up the market’ – or selling it off to be more precise. This issue should be allowed to be discussed openly. Maybe that statement (or me me raising that issue) breaks the new ‘site rule’? (Ie only criticism of Labour is allowed). If so the site’s not Rotherham Politics anymore it’s simply This Site’s ABL Politics.

    Anon is right re the issue of short term, zero hours, hire and fire – this is also another biggie issue for the people of Rotherham and beyond. The official Unemployment figures are a joke. I speak to Job Centre Plus staff at many centres. (at all levels) and they tell me politely they are ‘encouraged to massage the stock flow’.IE fiddle officially by any means possible. Is this not an issue? The same happens with NEET figures. These are issues that should be aired on here.

    People in the street talk about national issues. Why can’t we? After all Roth Pol is supposed to aim to represent the varying views of all. Or is RohPol simply becoming a nattering shop consumed by gossippy shouty people more concerned with rumour and an innuendo than issues? Me thinks yes a lately.

    There are so many questions (often rightly) asked of Labour through threads. Why not UKIP and the rest?
    Open debate or no debate? I chose the former..



    • SKT Not quite sure of how to respond but this is an attempt at clarification.

      We are in the silly season where news is hard to come by.
      Rothpol by it’s very nature, a rolling news blog, has a certain degree of serendipity to the stories published, their number and their subject.
      Rothpol is regularly accused of bias, when people from all points of the political compass have accused me of bias, I content myself with the knowledge that I must be getting something right.
      I was referring to the simple fact, that all political parties are currently reviewing and refining their policy platforms, they will fight on next May and I was merely suggesting a postponement of discussion on details of current and redundant policy areas that are unlikely to make it into manifestos for the forthcoming elections, nothing more.


  4. Anon; me a tory?, nah, but I am able to make a reasonable assumption with an evidential base which is much better than hyperbole. You should try it.


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