Should Dodson Go?

Barry Dodson, the man who lasted just three weeks as Mayor of Rotherham, taken to task again in this weeks Advertiser:

page1doc1050Rothpol thinks it is high time this odious man resigned his seat, so the people of Rotherham East may have a representative who will, at the very least, turn up to meetings!

Full story so far: Ex-Mayor Barry Dodson

4 thoughts on “Should Dodson Go?

  1. According to the council’s website he is still the chair of the Rotherham South Area Assembly!
    If this is correct then surely the least he should have done is what Akhtar did when he was under suspicion ( when is he ever not under suspicion) and stand down from this position until he is cleared from any possibility of being prosecuted for the alleged offence.


  2. with the problems in eastwood residents need 3 strong councillors to take on the issues , big problem is one is barry with his problems and the other is landlord shokat ali ………… what can you say ?


  3. I don’t think he should resign as councillor until and if it all comes to court and he is found guilty.
    I do agree with Mal that he should step down from his Area Assembly chairmanship.

    I can’t help feeling that the costs of leasing and fuel etc for ET1 should be included in the costs of his period of Mayoral office.
    But I love the idea of Dodson arriving at Buck House in in full regalia in ET1 for a garden party.
    It has just about everything that I would wish to have England get rid of.

    … and I love the gloss that Kimber, when asked, put on the “many thousands of pounds raised for charity”. Might be interesting to FoI the amounts raised per annum over each of the last 10 years.
    To digress:
    “Many thousands of …”
    I was reminded that some tribal communities had/have a counting system that just goes:
    “0ne”, “Two”, “Many”.


  4. The hypocrisy of the Labour party knows no bounds.When Andrew Mitchell was falsely accused of verbally abusing Police officers the Labour party and their acolytes at the BBC and the Graudian were all over him like a rash and he had to resign.
    Fast forward to the Democratic Peoples Republic of Rotherham and the newly elected Mayor suddenly resigns under a cloud of suspicion. Not a peep from the CLP, Labour MP Champion or Labour councillors nor was he suspended. Oh no, far better to let him change horses and suddenly become an ‘independent’ councillor, saves face and all that.
    Kimber’s attempt at mealy mouthed PR about ‘civic figurehead’ and ‘mayor’s attending 1500 events’ is contemptible and the Labour party stands accused of sanctimoniousness.


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