Silence speaks volumes?

An anonymous contributor left these questions and observations on the deafening silence concerning the plight of the Yasidi minority:

Interesting the total silence from one member of the Hussain extended family on the slaughter of the Yazidi by IS.

As an aspiring criminal Barrister seeking pupilage at a leading Chambers I would have expected that Vakas Hussain would have been one of the first to speak out against the slaughter of Yazidi women and children.

How wrong can you be!

Rest assured when and if Vakas ever manages to get an interview the web based search of all his postings and rants will surface.

A question to the extended Hussain family.

What is your view on the IS slaughter of Yazidi children?

Don’t hold your breath folks, and shock horror, nothing from Ms Champion on the Yazidi slaughter, probably because RMBC would not allow the Town Hall to be used FOC for such a protest.


Gaza meeting video disappears

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Mahroof Hussain’s puff facebook blog, proudly posted a video he had made by AK News Mirpur. For some strange reason, it has disappeared soon after my last post was published? Readers may be able to give us some of the … Continue reading

Was Gaza meeting just a cynical ploy?

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Was the Gaza meeting, organised by Mahroof Hussain with his hand picked audience, just a cynical ploy to enhance the public image of both himself and his nephews? For answers, readers might like to view this website, that seems dedicated … Continue reading

Mahroof’s Gaza Debate

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Yesterday a meeting took place in Rotherham Town Hall, Chaired by Mahroof Hussain with Sarah Champion in attendance. The

17 thoughts on “Silence speaks volumes?

  1. ISIS (or Islamic State) is committing genocide.
    If Israel has not been committing genocide, its operations have been conducted with a level of negligence which suggests war crimes.
    Hamas’ policy of locating missiles in residential areas is obscene.
    The leaders and protagonists of all three should be held to account.


  2. A growing stench of hypocrisy Cllr Hussain MBE.

    You used the Town Hall for a rally against the murder of civilians in Gaza, (rightly so) yet not one squeak from any Rotherham community leader including yourself on the industrial scale of killing of the Yazidi, why is this?

    A very simple question to you Cllr Hussain.

    Will you organize a rally, a social media campaign, petition etc against IS and their killing of innocents?

    To give you some help, a simple yes or no would suffice.

    If no answer is forthcoming posted on any of your social UK and overseas media sites what should the Boston ward electorate make of that?

    We are waiting and the ballot box awaits!


      • OMG
        Vakas Hussain wants to become a Barrister?
        His uncle Mahroof Hussain (Moofy) best friend Abid Hussain from Tinsley Sheffield was calling himself Barrister until last year he was exposed and he didnt even get degree LLB DEGREE.
        Abid Hussain close family member is married to Lady Saeeda Warsi.
        Vakas has learned from Mahroof, Abid, Jahngir Akhtar, Lard Nazir Ahmed, Mubeen Hussain and Sajid Bostan.
        He will go a long way of conning people.
        I wish if i knew what this Vakas Hussain looks like? Do you have any pictures of Vakas?


  3. No comment from Cllr M Hussain MBE and the extend Hussain family, no comment from the office of the Rotherham MP, soon to become former MP Ms Champion in the plight of the Yazidi children.
    Why is this?


    • I think we may now conclude, who is doing the killing or who is doing the dying, is the major factor here!
      Moral relativism? Revolting and absolutely outrageous!


  4. Jahangir Akhtar ‏@Jahangirakhtar
    Reason who no demos against ISIS is we don’t sell them state of the art weapons to murder women and children like Israel.
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    5:19 AM – 17 Aug 2014

    So there you have it!


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