APC – The Pantomime

Grateful to Rothpol’s snailmail contributor for this piece of satire, hope readers enjoy it too:

APC Panto Aug 2014

25 thoughts on “APC – The Pantomime

  1. Those that mock and fire their cynicical Pantomine – posters or remarks,mainly against Labour reveals – a real hatret for the whole party of Labour. And whether you use humour or mere cynicism that you use on this and other forums to air your venom-you do have a political agenda as it is always against Labour – and never about Cons or UKIP-I wonder why?

    Why don’t you produce an alternative list of actors/political animals that have a social conscience from other political parties-as only Labour stands up for the underdog-whilst you seem to only target a group that stems frrom one political party that actiually ensures some fairness in the economic, political and class sytem that forms this country’s history and will also form its future for some time to come..

    I do not think that all the Pantomine roles (especially with their sexist skew to ‘ugly sisters’)-should all be portaryed as ‘all bad’, as you try and make them all out to be.Though I agree that a few caracaturea may fit the bill. Though when humour is used to abuse, its still abuse for those that you may disagree with or do not like. Your cunning use of humour even though it may make us smile for a little time-until we begin to look deeper at what your game is about!

    . What is your politucal agenda-UKIP-well, let us all be very wary of your cunning methods to press home a hiden agenda Humour can still be a form of bullying-and smacks of revenge rather than taking these people on face to face. If you think you can do a better job well why not stand up for election. Why don’t you put up -your own ideas -for scrutiny-and let ius see if actual facts can replace your cynical use of humour.


    • @Jan Ash

      Where is your evidence this satirical post is inspired/controlled by UKIP?
      If you actually attended APC meetings you would realise the author is not far from the truth when he/she satirises the parish council and its woeful inadequacies.
      Personally I am anti Labour and I’ve never hidden or disguised that but that does not mean I cannot or will not criticise other political parties. The general consensus of opinion in Anston at the moment is that more Independent councillors are needed to balance the Labour dominated parish council because Independent’s don’t have a political agenda or party HQ to control them.


    • @Jan Ash
      Rothpol’s ‘agenda’ is to scrutinize those in power. In case it has passed you by, that would be Labour, who have held hegemonic power in Rotherham since RMBC’s formation in 1974.
      Satire, lampooning and otherwise holding those in power to account, are legitimate in the democratic political world, and have been so for centuries now, so please, do not further parade your ignorance.
      Campaigning for next years round of elections will provide us with ample opportunity to scrutinize and criticize all political parties opinions, ahead of the General, Local and parish council elections next May. Your opinions will be most welcome at that time but until then I suggest you hold your own counsel.


    • Janet. The Labour party who entered us into two illegal wars and has allowed the wages and standards of living for the majority in this country to be decimated by mass immigration, are you in a parallel universe. Anston Parish council is totally controlled by the Labour party, so who else can we blame. The current Labour party was stolen by the Posh boys and girls a long time ago and no longer represents the people.


  2. Unlike most pantomimes if you boo or hiss at APC the production is stopped when Bumbling Ireland leaves the stage and the production is halted.Unlike the Boy Blunder he does’nt call the police to eject those who have paid for a ticket (via their taxes) to watch this semi comedy and complain about the poor performance of the main players.
    Part time councillor Dalton as Fairy Godmother? Possibly. Dalton makes as many appearances as the her fictional namesake ie: once in a flood.
    Worst of all there is no refund for parishioners who are disappointed by the performances and/or non appearances of named players. There could be a new production team elected next year and perhaps some of these bit players will fade into the obscurity they richly deserve.


      • @Jan Ash please do attend an APC meeting before passing comment. Why have you assumed this satire is politically motivated? Could it just not be the truth that the labour led APC are not fit for post,are undemocratic and conduct their business with a lack of transparency? I am on the political fence but have the intelligence to realise Rotherham labour are rotten to the core.


  3. I suggest you look at the comments on the post “Seems a strange way to engage with the voters”
    9 August 2014. This will give an insight into the behaviour of the Labour Councillors on Anston Parish Council.


  4. Jan Ash you blow yourself clean out of the water by stating “Labour stands up for the underdog”. That is why all Labour councils have implemented the bedroom Tax. Labour state if they get elected as the next government they will stop all benefits to the 18 to 25s, and will means test their parents incomes. Rotherham council have sacked over a thousand workers, closed down youth centres and are closing children centres, I don’t call that standing up for the underdog I call that kicking it. Also if one wishes to be pedantic John Ireland is what can only be loosely termed as far as he is concerned, independent.
    Dave Smith


  5. ‘John Ireland is what can only be loosely termed as far as he is concerned, independent.’

    Anston Parish Council has two (out of six) “Independent ” councillors-John Ireland and Joyce Brindley-who consistently vote with Labour party councillors.and who have never voted against any Labour proposals.
    Both of these councillors have deceived and betrayed their electorate by refusing to act and vote independently.
    It would be more correct to label them ‘Independent Labour’ councillors and more to the point Brindley was elected unopposed and has never fought an election. I have a strong suspicion she will be rejected by the same people she has hoodwinked.
    Which other Parish Councils have so called ‘Independent’ councillors who act as cannon fodder for the Labour party?


  6. Labour stands for the underdog? hmmmm – advised by Price Waterhouse Coopers, supported US inspired Middle East war, continued Thatcherite privatisation of public and health services, shadow cabinet comprised of millionaires. I don’t think so, somehow!


    • It reminds me a little of the Church of England who invest their funds in blue chip companies. All through my time with St James church they lectured me on the on morals of money, but were willing to sell the fantastic rectory and gardens, to a developer who then ruined a beautiful place for village fairs and meeting people.


  7. In next Mays Election, ALL the Parish Council seats are up for Election. There will be Four seats in the South Ward (read South Anston) and eleven seats in the north ward (North Anston)
    In addition, there is one RMBC seat up for Election in the Anston and woodsetts Ward (Cllr Dalton)
    and on the same day Kevin Barron MP is also up for Election in the General Election.
    Voters will have a total of 17 votes on the day, 15 parish Council, 1 RMBC and 1 for the General Election.
    If everyone voted Independent, we could have a complete Labour wipe out, and have people in place who actually care about how our money is spent, and will actually stand up for Anston, and not follow the Party line.


    • One would hope that people would vote for Independents who live in the village and have no party allegiance. When I last spoke Bernard said he was standing against Judy Dalton, hopefully the 500 Conservative voters will wake up and realise their vote is better placed else where, otherwise they get Labour back in. Hopefully the 42% who voted for UKIP in the last local election will increase across the borough and we will see two out of the three Labour M.P.’s replaced. There would be massive cause for celebration in Anston and the Rothervalley area.


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